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  1. Ok... I'm not going to foolishly argue with you, so let's just say "Forum Tools -> Mark This Forum Read" works for most of the people. I just have to live without it. :tooth:
  2. Weird. With (much) earlier version of forum that worked for me, too. By using "Quick Links" -> "Mark Forums Read" I may miss some posts... like your reply (this one) here at last visit, so it's not good alternative. Perhaps it's a browser version issue... and linked with current position of stars? :confused: Erm... somehow, when I wrote "In main page (Forum index page) the somewhat similar function "Mark Forums Read" of "Quick Links" works..." I did not realize that the "Quick Links" is available always - Not just in main page. :tooth:
  3. After being away for some time, I had to check... and this problem still appears to me: Yes, but that don't happen to me when I click "Mark This Forum Read". When I click the menu open and move the mouse cursor over selections, others (those ones which dr_bowtie referred) show url in browser status bar, but the one does not. It's like missing it's link/function, so when I click "Mark This Forum Read", it does nothing. It won't even make a "click" sound as it's supposed to to do here when link is clicked. Doing "Right-click -> Properties" shows just a link to forum - For example, while in "Off topic & Introductions" properties of the menu shows url's like these (from top to bottom): "Post a New Thread": http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=18 "Mark This Forum Read": http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=18 "Subscribe to This Forum": http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/subscription.php?do=addsubscription&f=18 "View Parent Forum": http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=17 To ignorant person like me, it looks like the "Mark This Forum Read" has somehow lost it's functional part, when compared to #1 and #3. All other choices will show the same info in status bar as url properties of the menu selection, but for some reason #2 show nothing. In main page (Forum index page) the somewhat similar function "Mark Forums Read" of "Quick Links" works as it's supposed to do, so I pressume the "broken one should be seen like this... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?do=markread&f=18 ...instead this?: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=18 My browser is IE6 with all updates, if that tells something. If only one (dr_bowtie) user has seen similar behaviour, perhaps there is something in my setup making this kind of feature presenting itself? Maybe some update to browser or the board software is to blame? I don't usually put sites easily to "trusted zone" because of ads, but I may be forced to try it, if all else fails... Edit: Adding site to trusted zones had no effect, so I don't know is there anything I can do for this at this end.
  4. Exactly with that for server on slower line. I had to be a bit inventive with server on new line... :eek2: Thanks. It took quite a long time, but things are running now. :cool: So... this is how it ended up: After two weeks ordering the new line I was told they can't find my order, so I had to send it again. Ages go by and I get the install date. A guy from local telephone company arrives early in the morning... a day before set day, but luckily, I'm home. when he leaves, he tells me not to connect ADSL modem to wall socket, until ISP notifies me. After next weekend I contact ISP and they wonder why I'm not already using the new line. Guess how pi**ed I am for wasting days of free time reserved for the job? :sad: After fiddling the ADSL modem reserved for new line, I come to realize that it won't support the new connection properly, so I order another make & model. Waiting two days and I decide to get some food from local shop. Just when I step outside, I see delivery van of post office speeding away! So, I'll check my mail box... and there is a note saying I have to get my delivery from post office myself. Over half hour waiting on phone just to hear excuses how nobody opened the door... and they were never at my door! I was just inside the door dressing up and getting ready to go shopping, but nobody rang my doorbell or knocked my door! Ok, I got the delivery by retrieving it myself, but the delivery was supposed to arrive to my home! :sad: Nevertheless, after updating the firmware and configuring the ADSL modem I was ready to go. All I needed to do was typing IP etc. for Windows and the new (theoretically) 12/3Mbps ADSL2+ Annex M line was working with (so far) satisfying speed. :cool: I had to make a bit of a compromise, because apparently Windows can't handle the situation correctly - This is how things are currently: - Old 8/1 line with public dynamic IP is used for mail, browsing, etc. less bandwidth consuming operations with LAN IP - New 12/3 connection with public static IP is for my FTPd and BT transfers, with LAN IP When I need to connect to it, I either FTP or [email protected] After all, I'm too lazy to even use local keyboard and mouse (which are shared between both servers), because VNC'ing requires less excercise (sp?) from me. So, after all that googling and reading gazillion web pages etc. I ended up doing things by the easiest way. Most of what I need, works. Not quite a way I originally wanted, but well enough. Even while somewhat functions are handicapped. One of the peculiar ramifications is that my stats will not update correctly on some BT sites and I can't use some of them at all. No big deal, as I tend to forget password for web sites anyways. :tooth: Ok, back to fiddling around, as I need to install a few softwares more...
  5. I got server (P III / 1GHz, 512MB RAM, 20GB HD, etc.) for free. Learning Linux? NOT going to happen! With my memory that would take aeons and I'm already forgetting fast too much what I've learned in "good old days". I noticed the DHCP prblem, but it don't need to be disabled - Win2K sees "other DHCP server" and disables itself. I just have to remember to boot up servers in correct order. See next post how things finally turned (nearly correctly) working...
  6. Sounds like "Kiln People" by David Brin... :cool:
  7. If I would like ice hockey, my comment could be something like "Ilves? Who cares about them?" The people of Turku and Tampere have long history of making jokes of each other. Unfortunately, people from Tampere can't speak clearly... and they'll usually end up missing the point of jokes... :tooth:
  8. Oh, it's here... at the last place I usually check before leaving, that we're supposed to tell about forum "features"... "Forum Tools" -> "Mark This Forum Read" don't work.
  9. Unfortunately, I had nothing but troubles with Alibre. Not because the software, but with an avalanche of spam from them (and their supposed "partners"?) that started to invade my mailbox. It took about two months to stop that spam attack. It took half of my sanity, too... Ok, I just popped in to say thanks for this thread! It will become handy soon at my next software update round.
  10. Like I mentioned earlier, Windows 2000 Pro. I intend to use same OS for new server, because the computer I got for the job has licence for that OS. I think it is better if I "trim" my goals a bit and add later as much as I can. That way I can be sure I will not have to suffer "internet shortage".
  11. When I bought my current LAN hardware, I bought the stuff because "El Cheapo" ones I had before were failing or malfunctioning every now and then. Cost of the switch was more than my whole earlier LAN hardware. Including 6 NIC's and all the cables! Now I find myself constantly drooling gigabit equipment for LAN and the old stuff has lost most of it's value. Oh, well...
  12. I think I know now how to set up things to make all working... at least the most parts of it. If something gets too complicated, I'll just "revise" my plans. One funny thing about my current server. I neither set up nor intended it to act as DHCP server to LAN. Apparently, as I've not told that to server, it just keeps on working. Less funny is to find how to make sure one of the servers stop acting as DHCP server for visiting computers. :confused: I'm sure I'll have pretty busy nights configuring systems when new line gets activated. Neighbors will hear a lot of swearing and my coffee consumption rises to new heights...
  13. Even without ├╝bercostly equipment needed to whole new connection type, there's a small problem. This option is not available here... and there's no suitable place for dish.
  14. I did the same thing with the link, but the result was quite different: No such product available here. It's not only more speed I want - Reliability for connection is important, too. With two lines from different ISP I should get that, too. I'm not trying to get servers performe any kind of load balancing, but just dedicating certain types of traffic to more suitable connection. For example, as skype traffic is next to impossible(?) to separate from web browsing, I can assign it to less strassed connection. Otherwise FTP'ing and BT traffic would ruin the skype connections. Also, if one line would go down, I could easily change a few settings and use another line. Does this answer the question "what on earth this guy is trying to do"?
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