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  1. It's all good dude. Thanks though. If i knew how to change the thread title I would enter RESOLVED up in there.
  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 THANK YOU! ISSUE RESOLVED. Thanks to everyone, especially theNiggy!
  3. I can't map the drive at all. Won't let me map the drive, it errors out before the drive is mapped.
  4. Chad, This was one route I had not tried. Using the share of s$, i access the drive from a different machine. It finds the shared drive just fine, and I enter my user/pass for full access. Then... I wait, wait, wait, wait. Error. 'Not enough server storage available to process this command.' :mad: Same error. This is what is so damn strange... Thanks for the suggestion though.
  5. The computer is not part of a domain. Just workgroup. In disk management it is: Volume: RaidStorage (S:) Layout: Partition Type: Basic Filesystem: NTFS Status: Healthy(active) Fault tolerance: No <---- I assume that this is the software raid fault tolerance? Share name is usually very small, such as a single letter. However, when I tried to share a folder inside of the raid array, instead of the entire drive, it would be a short name like Media. I have rebroken the share and restarted the computer without sharing the drive and then creating a new share. Still the same error... Maybe I need an updated NVRAID driver?
  6. Hey guys I just finished loading my machine in my new Antec P180 case(this case is so freakin sweet!), and I ran it overnight running OCCT torture to test things out. Everything seems to be going great. Now I want to try and push the envelope further and see if I can squeeze some extra O/C outta this machine. Currently I am running 10*[email protected]*104 voltage(1.46?) with my venice 3200+. The VX sticks are running [email protected]@3.2 volts. I was unable to get above 240 a couple weeks ago when I last tried to o/c, but I have better cooling in place now for the entire shibang. My CPU temps are a little on the high side, topping out at around 51-52C under max load. I have tried to reseat the XP-120 a few times and reapply AS5 and this is the best i've got. It's been this way now for a few weeks as well. I also applied AS5 to the chipset and that did make a little bit of a postive difference. So, what i'm looking for is recommended settings for the DRAM configuration menu for the GOLD VX sticks. OCZ Reps? Can you share me some of your wisdom? Currently everything is stock settings except for the 1.5-2-2-6. Also, if anyone has tips on how to increase my overall OC, im all ears. Thanks
  7. Ack! I wonder what I should do next? This is a fairly fresh win xp SP2 install. If everyone says that the drivers and firmware work, ill believe you. I just dont think I configured it wrong, I didn't change a thing! One thing, is that I installed my OS on a single sata drive running off a 250gig seagate drive alone on the nVidia SATA raid on port 3. The raid array is using ports 1+2. Could this be an incompatability? Also, everytime I make a change to the share and look at it on a different computer, it takes a good 10-15 seconds to come back with 'the' error. I don't believe the permissions part of the error is correct, likely more that the 'Not enough server storage to process the command' is more revelant to the problem. I should have at least 100 gigs available on the raid array though... I should be able to grab a different HD and try an install on the PATA channels and then try to access the raid array, however I am wary to install a OS on the raid array because I dont really want to mess with the partitions.
  8. BUMP! I can't be the only person to ever run into this problem. :sad:
  9. All partitions are NTFS. Simple file sharing, when turned on or off, has no effect. Windows SP2 firewall remains turned on, but exceptions are made for file and printer sharing. Permissions are set to EVERYONE with FULL access. I have tried making a share many different ways. Folders on this drive are not available, changing share name or letter makes no difference... I appreciate the suggestions guys, this is a really, really annoying problem. I really want to get this fixed!!
  10. It may be something different within the SATA implementation within the Nforce4 Chipset. The other case I saw referring to this exact same error message for sharing a RAID'd drive was using a Gigabyte NForce4 motherboard. Again though, I highly doubt that it is a permissions problem. It takes too long for the error message to come up to be just a permissions problem, and I have many computers on this network, with more than a couple different logins, and noone of them have any trouble gaining access to any drive on any machine except for this raid Share. This sucks!
  11. ExRoadie, just to be clear, you have managed to share a drive from a raid array on the Nvidia SATA raid controller using windows XP SP2? I could give you screen shots detailing the exact method used to create the share, but it is truely pointless. Under windows XP, sharing is rediculously simple. I just cannot believe that it is a permissions problem when I have not restricted access to anything on this new machine(it is brand new basically, I have very limited amounts of software isntalled) and I can share any other drive(flash disks, optical, hard disks etc) and folders without a problem. I follow the exact same steps I use to share any other folder or drive on this machine to try and share my Mirrored Drive in the RAID array and I get the same error: 'You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. Not enough server storage is available to process this command.' It makes a long pause waiting for the device before giving me this error. Please, I am looking for more help with this problem. Thanks.
  12. dont hook the computer up together at all yet. In fact, you should do the opposite. You should take the entire computer apart and plug only the bare essentials into the motherboard, which should be outside of the case and sitting on the foam mat that comes with the mobo box. Plug all 4 power in and a cpu fan into the molex if possible. And try to boot with just 1 stick of ram in the 2nd slot. If that doesnt work, do a long clear of cmos and try again. Look around for the directions for the long clear cmos... And then, if nothing like that works, then try some different ram. Eventually you should get up and going, and boost ur ram up a little bit and maybe your cpu too, until you figure it all out.
  13. Dont be mad at DFI because you can't figure out their product. If you want to return it, you gotta go talk to Newegg. It's probably a good idea to check out sellers policies on returns and such before you buy off a company. If your board is defective im sure DFI will have no problems replacing it, however if it is not the fault of the board, DFI has done no wrong. Don't give up so easily, I have had huge problems with my board and im finally starting to get comfortable with it, however I am changing cases tomorrow and we will see what happens then! Bottom line is, keep trying, its really a great product once you get it all working. PS Dont be a whiner, nobody likes whiners.
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