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  1. If you are at 60C over 1.5Vcore it will prolly be throttling, the Zalman was not better than the stock cooler for me even with good contact..I was able to run 4.49G on a enermax 485 24 pin and the same speed on an antec 550 20 pin with adapter so your psu isnt limiting you.
  2. Nice!What fsb and timmings, thats good ram. Even with my old hynix d43 running 286fsb memtest error free, this winter it still would not run 1/1 over 275fsb stable.I tried my 560j and the 14x and got to 300fsb with the divider but would not go higher.When I remover the hsf I saw it was not seated well but never had the chance to try again
  3. download throttlewatch and see if you are throttling, its hard to tell just by the temp readings., and it will fail prime when it throttles. Do you have a fan on the ram?I think tccd runs better at higher clock with less vdimm.
  4. Take the audigy card out and try. Sorry just read the post again, stock air cooling?pull the mb out of the case and see if the hsf is installed right , they are a bad design and easy to get one side not right and is hard to tell without being able to see the four pins frome the side, these cpus hea up fast and thermal shutdown on boot.
  5. Yes the ram is running with a divider to keep it at its spd so it will not hold the overclock back, 4.5G 281 fsb and the ram pc5400 running ddr668 at 8-4-4-4, it will run 8-4-4-3 at this speed but left at 8-4-4-4 for max fsb.The 4.5G run I did on the 875 was also with a divider 5/4 with 2G of ram running 224.7fsb at 5-2-3-2.1 vs 1 the p5wd2 was .5s faster in superpi1m, my best time for the 640 at 28.7s sp/mod 1.4. There is 4 or 5 different dividers to chose from so the ram can be run at any speed no matter the fsb, and as the fsb changes it shows the speed change of the ran in the bios so you know what speed its running. EG, 281 fsb show 668ddr and 285fsb show 705ddr. I always had better luck with the dividers even on the 875, high fsb and the divider with the ram at 5-2-2-2 always benched better than high fsb at 1/1 till you get 7-3-3-2.5 or better over 275fsb, hard to do on Intel, plus you could keep the vdimm down so there was less heat and power draw.I remember nobody had the same luck as me with the dividers on the 875.The ram that ran 5/4 with the divider and all four slots full (TCC5) at 5-2-2-2 on the 875P-T ran 6-3-3-2 at 255fsb 1/1 all four slots full on the p4c800 at 2.85Vdimm but the cpu was not at its max speed at that fsb. There is a cpuz, clockgen bug with the dothan that killed one of those good sticks and the rest dont seem to clock as well now.
  6. OK, thanks Ace. I have to give that 875p-t more credit, my 640 will not clock 1mhz faster on my new P5WD2-E Premium than it did on 875p-t , just needs less volts and runs cooler.
  7. Ace, you dont have to do that but thanks anyway.
  8. Thanks again, I would like to get another 875p-t but there are none left anywhere. All the problems over 270fsb go away if the northbridge stays under 24C, not in the bios but with a temp probe.
  9. Thanks ACE :nod: I was going to take some parts off the MB to mod my CT-479, But now you have me thinking I could fix it myself or get Motherboard repair to try.Does DFI fix MBs for a price or do they only do warranty work? It realy was a good and fun Motherboard even if I complained some times.At 4.5G it was benching 10fps better than my dothan in FEAR and the same fps in doom3 than my dothan rig.
  10. Today I killed my 875P-T running 1.8Vcore.She was tough and ran some time at that Vcore,suicided 4.68G at 1.9Vcore the other day but she wenty out with a bang and flash.Two fetts blew up with a small fire.I was very happy to have it run my 640 at 4.5G on air for a bit dual prime stable.Now I need a 975chipset MB.Thanks DFI, it was fun, I hope they make a good 775 MB some time soon.There will be no RMA as it was volt modded.
  11. Thanks for the concern about the vcore but this cpu ran 24/7 at 4.32G and 1.65vcore for 5-6 months before I got my dothan.I will put it in a 975 chipset mb soon and will not need as much Vcore to get the max mhz from this cpu. It took 1,8Vcore and all three 100cfm 120mms I had to get this shot,I think Im def , Vagp was 1.5 and Vdimm was 2.6 with my 2x1024 Be-5 and the 5/4 divider.Lots of droop as its at 1.8vcore in the bios but only 1.6ish in cpu-z.There were no random crashes or window freezes like I used to get over 270fsb.I will try my 560j and the 14x to find max fsb tomorrow. http://community.webshots.com/photo/329678...067863468MCdSAw http://community.webshots.com/photo/329678...067863468WIunNA Room temp was 18*C and the mb was 20*C with my ir temp sensor.The ram was between 19-20C.
  12. Well after bashing the 875p-t and dfi that they didnt clock as well as the new asus mbs a few weeks ago I, I decided to try my 875p-t with the 640 again before getting a new 975 chipset MB.It looks kike temps realy are the only problem for my MB. My basement is now around 16-18*C in the morning till it warms up.With the dual heatpipe xp-120, an NB-C with fan the 5/4 divider all bios default but the cpu and mem, turbo on, 1.72Vcore and 2.8Vdimm and 1.5Vagp I booted into windows and ran the FEAR system test 3 times at 280fsb giving 4.49G and better FEAR scores than my dothan at 2.9G.I could not play the game as my dvd drive is on its way out and the fear install was not good, its done this with the dothan to.After the third run it crashed to desktop but the xp install was still good and stable with no reboot.Idle temps with 16C ampiant were 30C and went to 40C with ambiant at 18-19C.I dont have an internet conection to show verification but will try and get some screenshots and transfer them. With my IR temp probe the base of the HSF was 22C under load, the mem was at 22C no fan and the mb around the mb and the nb hsf was 22-23C.I got one boot into memtest at 285fsb 4.56G when everything was at 18C with 1.775Vcore till the mb warmed up.I will leave the window open today and see what it does at 15C.
  13. Have a look at the dfi crossfire section, dfi has problems with more than Intel.
  14. Well after looking at some of the posts on other forums for the new dual cores they would proly bring the 875P-T to its knees so I dont think they need suport the dual cores.Also to look back the 875P-T was the best 775 MB at the time of its release.I should also know to not get an outdated chipset with a new cpu, like Ace said they need lots of r&d for a new mb and the 875 chipset was never made for 775cpus. Plus Intel is going through chipsets for 775 like I go through undies,1 and 1/2 years .865,875,915,925,945,955 and now 975.Dfi is proly waiting till IOntel slows down.I rant about dfi now but I still would get a 955 or 975 chipset itf they made one.For now I will be getting a P5WD2-E so they will lose that sale.
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