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  1. Hy,

    I just have my brand new 2x512 OCZ Pc3200 gold (new bh5) kit...

    And somthing strange happens...


    The stock settings 200 2/2/2/5/7 works perfectly @2.8/2.7v

    But when i wan't to raise 220 2/2/2/6/7 i've errors at test 2 or 3 and 5....

    Even @3.2v :(


    Memory on slots 2/4 or 1/3 (414.3 bios) the same things happens...


    The thing that I don't understand that when i test one stick at once both stick do 220 2/2/2/6/7 @2.9v whitout errors on 1 pass of memtest :confused:


    The stock settings are the settings give by Ryder from OCZ and the oc settings are a mix of settings bring at xtremesytems forums (especially Eva2000 settings...)


    I which someone have a tips for me the only thing i wan't it's to run cpu @280x9 (I don't go very far with more voltage only 5 or 10+ fsb for 1.67v) with 5/6 mem divider wich do 230mhz 2/2/2/6/7 i tested it also with one stick at once and 3.2v, it works in memtest :sad:


    Edit: I try with interleave disabled it's not helping i still have some errors

    And excuse for the bad section :O

  2. Hello I've had the same problem with my sapphire X800XL.


    Changing bios to 310 or clear c-mos doesn't help me at all...

    The only way to got my rig boot were to unplug card, clean contacts and re-plug the card.

    After that the system will be booting perfectly :tooth:


    I've rma-ed the graphic and with the new one i've no problem the system boot even cold or hot :D


    Now i'm searching why my brand new OCZ 3200 gold bh5 plat won't oc when they are setup in dual chanel and have the same oc capability when i test one at once... :confused:



    ps: I'm french sorry for the english...

  3. I had the same problem with my sapphire"s X800Xl

    The boot stop at 3 led and sometime the power led light not permanently.

    If i place the card in the other 16x slot or completly unplugged it the boot goes to the first led and then shut down computer.



    I must clear off the connector (with my finger on the gold connections) and plug in it firmly, then it boot up... :confused:


    I'm thinking it was a fabrication default of the graphic card 4 of the connectors are most shiny than the others...

  4. It's working now.


    But i'm not sure it's really the psu fault... :confused:

    I have put on the enermax but it's happen the same thing 3led lighten and stop at this point.


    I re-tried to put ram on slot n°2 ,move graphic card,etc..

    I finally be a little contraried an i put the graphic card "violently" in place.

    Now it's working but sometime i need to unscrew the card remove and replace it however it's not booting :(

    This happen also if i place the mobo out of the box...


    I don't know if it was the fault of the x800 or the mobo pciex 16x connector...

    I'm going back this week-end to the shop where i buy it and make them test it.

  5. Hey everybody!

    It's my first time on an english speaking forum (i'm french and my english is poor)


    I just bought an AMD 64 3000+ for upgrading my barton 2500+ configuration.

    I mount it include all alimentation include the floppy and other molex.


    When i push the start switch the fans turn on but there si no beep at all and three leds still glowing (i'm not sure of this word light maybe....)


    I have just mount the memory and the vga and swap all the rest.


    Then I try with the two ram sticks with all combination nothing work,with one (also tried each stick on each slot) it's not work too .


    The only way to have some beeps is to unplug the x800 or to put it on the second 16x slot.

    It's make 1 long beep and 3 short and three led light off but after the beeps the cpu fan comes off and nothingelse appen :confused:


    I think that' the fault off my scrappy 300w psu but i'm not sur that it isn't the X800 whose failing :eek:


    Thx in adavnce for the answers ;)

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