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  1. Im pulling out the plugs from my Ultra-D because Im sending it in to be RMA'd. Now, Im pulling on the power cable that is right next to the Chipset fan, and fan plug in spot on the motherboard. Is there a clip on this plug that I can't see thats holding it in place. I just can't seem to get it off of this motherboard. I've even gone to the extent of pulling with pliers (not THAT hard ofcourse, but with gentle force) Please help!
  2. idk, because It feels like Im having trouble with my motherboard, so saying DFI boards are indestructable would be false. lol. I think it could possibly be the board then. Lately my Ultra-D MoBo has not been recognizing any ram, and has been beeping saying that it can't find ram. I put the ram in my friends rig, booted up fine. I put his ram in my rig, same thing. Really confused to as what is going on -- still looking foward to getting this fixed though. I have a 8800GTS on the way and I want to be able to use it!
  3. what I'm thinking is your slot is faulty. Possibly taking out your old card made some dust get into abnormal places, causing it not to work properly. I think your first shot could be to get some canned air and spray in and around the PCI-e slot thats causing you problems. If that doesn't work; try using another PCI-e card; if you have one great, or borrow a friends. If the friend's does the same, then you're looking at the motherboard being faulty. Im in the same position as you. My motherboard beeps at me, and Im trying to narrow stuff down by process of elimination. Hopefully you find out whats up! Good luck.
  4. Well - It all started with my computer not booting up easily to begin with. It was going to the LanParty Splash screen and then going to a black screen with a white cursor in the top left. I was told on this forum to reboot CMOS; I thought it helped.. but this black screen and no boot was happening again. I was told to Unplug everything and replug it in. I do this.. And this is what happens. I get a long beep -- and 3 LED lights lit up. Now -- Im aware that 3 LED lights mean that the motherboard is checking for RAM. My ram was never a problem. I don't understand why it would be posing a problem now. After just unplugging some things and replugging them in. I really need to find out what is going on with my computer. This is really rough on me. Im trying everything and its frustrating to get no feedback. Please help
  5. assuming the IRQ table is that scrolling text you get checking your settings before you see the windows loading screen, (because I dont know what the IRQ table is...) No, I do not see that even. Just my motherboard splash screen.. then black.
  6. Hello everyone. Glad to see the forums are back up and running! Just in time to answer one of my problems =( The other day my computer started acting weird after my friend 'bumped' into it. (I don't know if this is the exact cause, but I'm assuming that it is so. I was not present however when he bumped into it, so I don't know how hard or how likely it is that it caused the problem). The problem is, when I try to boot my computer, My motherboard splash screen comes up, (DFI LanParty), then a Black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left comes up, and just stays like that. This constantly happens every time I restart my computer. However, once in every 5-10 restarts, I will get to the POST, then it will go back to the black screen; and then the same amount of restarts will sometimes get me to successfully boot the computer, and have no problems thereafter. I really want to know what this Black Screen with a cursor usually means, and what could be causing it. I really don't want to restart my computer over and over and over hoping to get it started each time. This should not happen... Please someone help me out. P.S. - I already tried to Clear and Reset the CMOS. Initially, I thought that fixed it, but I learned when I restarted my computer just a little while ago that apparently it did not help. It is doing the same thing. Another problem when researching I found was that a dead/dying CMOS battery could be causing this? I'm not sure about this. Does this sound like a possibility? What is so weird about this is the inconsistency. It works sometimes, but mostly doesn't. :mad:
  7. I would like to sell my eVGA GeForce 6800GT -- It has never been overclocked and has never given me any problems. Looking for $95 OBO Please send offers... I would like to get rid of this ASAP so if anyone wants to make some offers please do. Take advantage of this deal! Hello everyone. I want to sell a Dell Optiplex SX260. This is compact business/home use computer. This computer is in like new condition. There is not one problem with it at all. It contains a P4 2.4Ghz Processor, 256MB DDR, 20GB HD, 6x USB Ports, and Ethernet Port. Onboard Sound/GFX. This computer also contains the Windows XP Professional KEY. Service tag is - D9NC631 This PC is upgradable, and able to fit 1GB of RAM along with other upgrades. I am looking for around $160 for this PC - OEM -- I would like to get rid of it ASAP to pay bills, so please make an offer if you are considering the PC. I have Heat: xwgpx55 and Ebay: srmp5 If you want to contact me, please do either through PM, Email - [email protected] , or AIM - xwgpx55 Thank you and please don't be afraid to ask any questions. If you view my page, please bump! I will return the favor if possible PM me with any questions, or if you use AIM, you can reach me at : xwgpx55 Please bump if you visit the page! The bumps are greatly appreciated!
  8. Well, You MUST get rid of that RAM you're getting now. That won't do anything nice for you. You should get 2GB also, save up and get it. It's only going to get more expensive because DDR is shooting up in price and demand lately. 2GB is also going to be needed with a lot of software coming out this year. I think those Platinums are a good choice. OCZ clocks very nicely. Another type that is great for OC'ing is http://www.tankguys.biz/team-xtreem-cronus...eon-p-1545.html Pretty expensive though, and back ordered.
  9. Looking for G.Skill HZ's or something like it. 2GB ONLY.
  10. just a word of advice, you're not going to be able to make a decent upgrade or a worthwhile upgrade when you have a PSU like that. The PSU is going to not allow you to use what your saying you want.
  11. since the HZ's have been out of stock for so long, how about that ram I first mentioned.. is there a big difference between the HZ and the other.
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