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  1. "2 eVGA 6800 GT 256 MB running in SLI mode" Are they VGA (and not pci-e)?
  2. Prime (Blend) stabile >8h (until i shut it down), but memtest #8 fails within minutes? Same setup, same settings, few hours later, only thing im not sure was the same is vdimm, but pretty sure it was (at both tests) 2.7v. Is memtest just that much better in spotting errors? Everything as in sign:
  3. And if im on 510-1 now, might just stay since im ok here (?), doesnt seem alot different..
  4. I have to ask this, may be stupid, but still: I recently flashed to 5/10-1 and it seems that my cpu now have a higher limit. I was settled with the fact that my 3500+ had its limit at just below 2600MHz, but now it seems stabe even at 2650Mhz, i did change memory at the same time that i flashed, but that sould have nothing to do with it, since i tried different multis and fsb to find the cpu's limit. So, question, can a new bios effect the cpu's MHz limit (not system max fsb or memory's setings, but just the cpu's max?) EDIT: well, just took the time reading the whole thread (pretending to do some important work in my office) and beleive i now can answer my question on my own; Yes. (..and sorry for making this thread longer than it had to be)
  5. I got 2x512 KHX3200UL and i just popped them in the orange slots and seem to be ok here at 260x10 1t 1:1 2,5-3-3-5
  6. It seems that one of the sticks had some problems, when checking them one at a time one finally failed memtest (test #5), so i have sent them back. Probably will get just the same back, hope i have luck running these at least 236 (236*11 is what i ran with my ocz).
  7. Beacause kingston didnt work on the epox board that i was building either, but i know that epox/kingston combination suck, so i thought that epox/ocz & dfi/kingston might be better. (epox/ocz worked fine) No way to get it to work?
  8. Had to switch memory from ocz el rev2 to these kingston hyperx 2x512, can i put em in the same slots? They are right now, but its acting strange, and doesnt seem stable (not oc at all right now). So question: orange or yellow slots, anything else to think about? (before i start memtest to find whats wrong) Moderboard: nf4, well i guess its all in my sign.. What are these kingston, BH5, TCCD ??
  9. Decided to put the "audio thing" in place on the moderboard, then i lost the sound in my usb headphones. How do i get it back? (sorry for being so short, a bit stressed)
  10. Hello, Have a few questions about my mobo, some maybe stupid some not. 1. The nb chipsetfan is sounding like a F1 car getting ready to burnout, its on full speed as the temp gets up to 52C (@289x9 1.7v). I have read that temps btw 50-60C maybe shouldnt be too bad on full load, and im ok with it at ~52C after hours of prime. But the noice, I have read that ppl have no problem and can barely hear the fan inside their case. Is it possible that i have gotten a fan thats somehow defect? (..it's a possibility that its my case that suck as well, just some thin alu: Close view Without the cover ) 2. Whats to prefer, (mostly playing games) 289x9 1:1 or 333x8 and the ram on a divider 5:6 @ ~277MHz 3. Any good alternative out yet for cooling the nb with water or passive? Thanks for reading! (I know i can find most answers here if i spend some time searching, but my 2yr old will bite my knee of if i sit here another second) EDIT: to question 1: The fan is so loud that my wife just made me get out of bed and go turn it down, and this is with the computer being in the room next door, with the door closed.
  11. This solved the problem for me: (i did think i had done all i could) Simply update the drivers even though i had them installed already.
  12. Thanks for the replys. I do not know the stepping of this cpu. Im on water, (CPU, GPR, HD's) and cpu never get above 39C even after hours of prime at 280X9. I have tried some different vcore @ 250x11, but all i gain are a few more seconds of hope while running prime. It feels like i my cpu will not go above 2700, since 280x9 and 240x11 seems to be working (stable) at 1:1 Since my mobo is getting up and above 50C at full load (pwmic) i might try and settle for a lower FSB and as high multi as possible, maybe stick to 240x11 with the vcore as low as possible. (And maybe add a fan or two for the case temp to drop some) (Yes, the slots for the ram have been changed since i took the pic)
  13. As the title says, im having problem at 250x11, nothign strange i guess, but since i get into windows and it fails only at prime95, im thinking that maybe some tuning in bios, maybe the vcore. After seeing this dude: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6140 going 275x11 i figured i might be able to get a somewhat similar result. Any ideas about this, is being able to load windows somewhat i indication that it might be able to get it stable?
  14. Yes, the sticks are at 280, @ 2.5 4 4 7 (Im NOT sure about the "4's" might been "3's", let me get check when im at home).
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