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  1. OK let me make myself clearer. When I say I cannot boot into memtest refers to any FSB above default 200. I currently only have one graphic card, one sound card and one HDD connected. I will try disconnect the extra sound card and see if it improves anything.
  2. Yes. Which part you are having difficulties?
  3. I tried 166. It's still no go. And My RAM is proven TCCD that overclock well on Ultra-D/SLI-D/DR boards. I can achieve FSB300 1:1 on MSI and Asrock before then now I'm wondering why I cannot do the same with DFI. And My CPU is a good stepping CPU. I also brought it to 2.7GHz without adding any vcore.
  4. Tried clear CMOS, still no go. Tried very relax timing, still no go. I cannot even boot into memtest. The computer just hang before that. Now all I can run is stock setting and seems not stable. I surely hope this is RAM's problem as I purchased Ultra-D just for 2 week.
  5. I tried DDR166, DDR133, still the same. Yes I also tried one stick in both orange and yellow slots, still the same.
  6. What's interesting is that, I decreased MEMCLK, so it's basically running DDR100 speed with FSB275. Under this DDR speed, any RAM could run no problem.
  7. Hi! I booted up my PC today with my usual mild OC option: 250FSB with 1:1 DDR and found out I cannot enter Windows anymore. During Windows booting my system will just reboot. I tried all stock setting and everything becomes OK. Then I tried FSB275 with 1:1 DDR, LDT multiplier 3, my system hangs in BIOS boot screen. I suspect my RAMs are bad, then I decreased to 100 MEMCLK, system still hangs in same place. Then I tried giving more voltage to my CPU(usually it doesn't need to add voltage for FSB275), and giving more voltage to RAM, still the same. My RAMs are in orange slots. Any ideas will be appreciated.
  8. Hi! I just go my new mobo Ultra-D rev. AE1 And I am planning to switch out my old TCCD 512*2 kit with a 1GB*2 kit. I am overclocking with my TCCD around FSB300 and I would like to keep this as much as possible. After the research I narrowed down to these kits: - G.Skill F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ [2x1GB] (UCCC) [3-4-4-8] Part number: F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ - OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Gold GX XTC 2GB [2x1GB] (UCCC) [3-4-3-8] Part number: OCZ5002048ELGEGXT-K - OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Platinum XTC [2x1GB] (5B-F) [3-3-3-8] Part number: OCZP5002GXTC-K the Micron 5B-F seems to have good timing with DDR500. I also read the CE-6 is a good overclocker? It's a tough choice. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks for the link, but eh, those "reviews" made freezer 64 pro blowing wrong direction. The heatpipes are now horizontal and it's not in optimal performance. What I mean is if you modify freezer 64 pro to blow toward the rear of the case and the heatpipes are vertical, still no mod needed to install RAM in orange slot?
  10. So if I'm not mistaken, the freezer 64 pro can be used on ultra-d without any mod? My Patriot is pretty low though.
  11. Or I should make myself more clear: Air flow that CIRCULATING INSIDE the case is nothing.
  12. I wouldn't say vf700 is a bad product. Just some more than usual intake and exhaust is needed to get good overall performance.
  13. Also from my personal experience that the heat get stuck inside the case, temperatuer will gradually go up and affecting other components as well. Cool-moderate air doesn't mean temperature doesn't build up inside your case(if you feel hot air then your GPU is already burnt). Also, when your hands are cold you'll feel cold air warm. When your hands are hot you'll feel warm air cool. Air flow INSIDE the case is nothing. Smooth Intake and exhaust air flow is the crucial point. P.S. as I can see vf700 can do nothing helps the intake and exhaust air flow.
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