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  1. Thankyou to all the later posters, somehow a bios update went wrong. I followed the correct procedure again and up it came to its reliable self.
  2. I've solved the problem. You blokes are just too interested in establishing your powerful positions to actually help anyone. I expect to be banned now, see you in Heaven :angel:
  3. Thanks, the system has been stable and great for over a year no and has only crashed since the latest bios flash. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi guys, I'm desperate for help, I just flashed to the latest bios on my NF3 250Gb, 1/ firstly memtest ran continuously, but I worked out how to switch it off in bios, 2/ now it goes past the bios screen and hangs in the windows screen asking about previous startup, if I select safe mode it freezes after about 30 or so lines, if I select Last Known Good Config it just freezes. Please help Thanks Martin
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