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  1. anarchyreigns

    Ultra-D SATA problem

    CPU-Z will tell you the bios version also.
  2. I believe memtest is only available in 3/10 or later.
  3. anarchyreigns

    Last Call PSU

    That will work just fine.
  4. Are you planning on using the Karajan audio module? If you are, there is a possibility that it may not fit, due to the 120mm case fan.
  5. Try installing with only one stick in slot 2 (orange).
  6. I'm using it and I'm not having any problems.
  7. anarchyreigns

    DIMM 2 & 4 - Can they be changed?

    If change the setting in the bios so that it is set to not halt on errors, you won't get the memory message on boot up.
  8. anarchyreigns

    ~Ultra-D and a Lian-Li PC-60 Plus~

    The Karajan won't fit with my Cooler Master's 120mm fan either. It's not the best design, could've been done better.
  9. Yup, NCQ enabled. Since I have a "D" rather than a "DR" board, my only option is the nforce and all is working fine.
  10. I'm running dual channel in slots 1 and 3 (yellow) just fine, using the same ram you have, except with a Zalman 7000 instead. The only problem you'll have is that you'll get a message on boot up, at which point you can either press F1 to continue, or you can go into the bios and change it to not "halt" on errors and you won't get the message. In either case, it should run fine. Slots 2 and 4 may be optimal, but I'm not having any probs with 1 and 3.
  11. I found a way to prevent it from being displayed. Go into "Standard CMOS Features" and change "Halt On" to "no errors", and you won't see the message. However, you also won't be alerted if anything else is wrong either...which is the only downside.
  12. Okay, thanks man. (wow... fast reply)
  13. I have the same problem, except I have a Zalman with the Twin3200's, and therefore have to run in slots 1 and 3. Everything is running fine, other than that message on boot up. Is there any way to get rid of it (other than switching to slots 2 and 4)?
  14. anarchyreigns

    SATA seen as removable drive

    It doesn't appear on mine, and I'm using the drive in my sig.