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  1. yes i tried from behind as well, and yes the module is in place. i really dont know what happened. any way i could check if the module is functioning correctly, in terms of physically i mean?
  2. the blue jumpers are still there. but recently i have changed my psu. the other burnt up so i now have a generic 350 w psu. but it was working fine for 4 months now (when the other burnt out). the front audio ports are just relays from the back ports so that wouldnt matter
  3. i uninstalled an reinstalled drivers, but no luck. when i put some music on the vu meters on teh nvidia app responded. so either there is another setting or some hardware problem.
  4. Hey guys, i have been using the same travel speakers and line out setup for a year now and i have had no problems at all. Now all of a sudden i have tried this same speaker and two other headsets and they all dont give me any sound. The sound test on the Realtek '97 driver does not work either. I did install itunes 7, if you might think that might be a problem, but already uninstalled and tried, didnt work. then i even un/reinstalled the Realtek driver, no luck there either obviously. Thanks for the Help!!
  5. Below you can see my machines specs and i am in a terrible situation. Im locked out of my administrators account because i forgot my password and dont have another, left with only a guest account and another user account i can login to. Can anyone tell me how to get or reset my password? or point out a appliction to me. I do not have the installtion disks.
  6. it may be that it doesnt support your DDR 433 since i looked at the specs it can handle and the highest is DDR 400 or PC3200. Or it could be you got those 200 something pinned memory, make sure its 184 pin memory.
  7. I currently have one dyndns domain being served using apache, but i want to serve another individual domain as well. But if i just make another domain it will host the same page as the current domain. Anyone know how to configure either apache or dyndns ( or if i need to use another free domain provider) so i can server multiple domains?
  8. How do i open an Inspiron 1510 case? I'm trying to get to the PSU. thanks
  9. thanks guys for all the hep and advice. Ill read up and start running the tests this week. ill give u guys updates on how it goes.How can i find out which core i have??? i got the AMD Athlon 3800. is it venice? or do they differ on some 3800s?
  10. ya i guess ill just have to really put alot of focus and read thundas posts. thanks for replying , u guys were a big help in giving info but most importantly boosting my condifdence in beginning to OC and in my setup!! how do i find out what the name of my core is ( eg venice)? and the memfreq isnt working either, just to report a broken link thanks
  11. My system specs are in my sig and i hope their enough for anyone out there to answer my questions. I have a big question first before all, should i use nTune or overclock by hand; and which delivers better results? Now I have never overclocked any computer, but i want to learn how to. I ve seen a couple of sites on overclocking on charts and multipliers, etc. but i never saw a site that actually explained how to do it physically!!! Is there anyone who could help me on findding a way to learn how to overclock and somewhere to find what are the safe settings that i can go upto with my system? Thanks alot!!!
  12. ya im just gonna reinstall it thanks alot for the help and tips. NIce avatar too
  13. i just ran chkdsk 2 times (both chkdsk /p- since it said that the drive had no serious problems) the 1st time it said there were errors on the disk the second time it said it was all fine. so i dont know. how do i fix it? the emergency repair didnt work. i may have to reinstall.
  14. The other day i accidentally downloaded a file that contained a load of trojans. i managed to rid of most of them. But now its infected a program that usually starts on startup and it runs it when its not supposed to ( its a sony usb driver and for teh first time it shows on applications on taskmanager) and it shows as a space on the bar by the time instead of a little camera. The recycling bin also show that there are 7 files in it and it shows theres files in there on the icon , but when i try to delete them it doesnt work and it stays full, and there are no 7 files in there. My Internet Explorer is also very screwed up, for example when i tried to save a page it popped up an error that a file is missing. I have also tried to restore and and repair the 2000 install but that didnt work. The restore completed but popped up an error in teh middle about needing to install the SP4 cd. Is there any application that will reset the WINNT files and registry back to the fresh install settings and delete unknown files( which what i think the trojans have infected). This was a trojan associated with SpySheriff. I really dont want to reinstall!!
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