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  1. Perfect ! Thanks very much mate - this worked just as you said. I didnt think I had any problems with games - until I installed the bf2 demo - it was shocking performance even in 1024x768 and LOW detail settings - random 1 second freezes and/or stuttering and 'lag' like stuff going on - I was all ready to shell out on more expensive components till I saw this thread - did what you said and the performance increase was instant and amazing ! now can run bf2 demo in 1600xwhatever? in HIGH detail settings fine.... thanks again!
  2. Mines Athlon 64 3200 Netcastle, Zalman CNPS7700cu-B, Bios is now 10/15 Bios was 8/27 and reporting CPU temps of 59-63 ? until i updated to 10/15 and thats dropped it some. now SmartGuardian swings some from 46-55 temp wise for CPU. I cant get to the CPU to touch it but the Zalman is cold to the touch really ? then again it is a rediculously large chunk of copper My temps ------------------ DFI Lanparty UT NF3 250GB Athlon 64 3200+ newcastle 2x Geil 512Mb PC3200 Sapphire radeon 9800pro Zalman CNPS7700CU-B
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