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  1. Seems a little slow so far actually. I guess I need to learn how to overclock it a little. It could just be Windows XP, or me expecting too much.
  2. Opty 165 on the way! Thanks guys.
  3. One more question - are any of you Opteron folks running XP x64, or are you all on Vista already?
  4. Thanks for the tip on the BIOS clearing. I usually try to do that anyway - reset BIOS, clear CMOS, use single DIMM for initial boot. Great info on this board!
  5. ok, so taking this a step further is there a write-up on recommended BIOS settings for an Opteron 165 (currently running 4/6/2006).
  6. Hmm, Opteron support seems a little sketchy. Maybe the AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ might be a little safer.
  7. Whoops, didn't realize it wasn't there. I'll update that. I'm using a XFX NVIDIA GeForce 6600.
  8. thanks guys. I didn't realize the Ultra-D could support an Opteron processor.
  9. Currently running what is shown in my sig block. Would it be worth it (performance wise) to upgrade to an X2 chip from the 3500+ single core?
  10. Just a follow-up..ordered 2GB of Corsair XMS (2x1GB) and loaded it in slots 1,3. Everything is running SMOOOOOOOTH so far. :cool: I'm still going to test and tweak a little as default settings are much slower than advertised (defaults to 3-3-8-3 or something). Thanks folks.
  11. OK, I've sold 1GB of it already, and already bought replacement TWINX2048-3200C2PT. Should be good to go once it gets here. Thanks for the help folks.
  12. Damn the luck. Maybe I'll just return the new two and pick up some OCZ stuff. Or, maybe I won't even notice the difference. LOL.
  13. I don't consider myself an expert, but I have been building boxes for 10 years or so. I know why I have trouble, and you're right about it being preconceived notions. Notions like with two sticks of RAM in dual-channel you'd think it would work in DIMM 1,3 with default BIOS settings. Mine seem to only work in 2,4. And notions like with 4 DIMM slots you could actually use 4 DIMMs at full-speed without tweaking the BIOS. Odd, I know. Either way, I'm happy with my DFI board, just wish things came without such frustration. I see some posts about manually setting the ratio to 1:1 if it's not already - I'll poke around.
  14. Well, after a lot of head scratching and swapping of modules, I have them all in and recognized - only they're running at 333. I had one pair in the orange slots initially. The board wouldn't post with that same setup later. I had to switch the pair to the yellow slots. Once I did that, I could get into BIOS, and set the voltage to 2.8 following DFI guidance. Now it boots with 2GB of RAM, but at 333.
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