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  1. If someone could help me with my problem HERE there's free beer in it for you(if your old enough) seriously...I can't get this straight...and I am getting quite nervous lol. I need to get my gaming PC up and running. I'm having a 2142 break down lol.:sad:
  2. OK i got the ballistix.....hope they are great...thanks
  3. ok all i need to know then is if this will play well with this board....then i'm buyng!
  4. Ya, that sux ...I don't want to go that route. How is this stuff????? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146563
  5. Hmmm the TX ram looks good....I have never ordered from NCIX before though ....how are they to deal with???
  6. OK, I like OCZ...but will go with what works best....I would like to stay around 300 and under if at all possible. So waht you got for me to check out?
  7. Hey guys, I tried to search for this so please take it easy on me, as i found no answer to my question. I just got this board here and I have been AMD 939 so long I have lost touch with all else. My problem is that I know nothing about DDR2 memory ....and was wondering if someone could tell me what the best Clocking mem for the money on this board might be?:confused:
  8. Is the 6800GT still for sale or no? :confused:
  9. memtest is not going to help you here. You need to test each stick of memory individualy with OCCT or prime. I am almost certain it's your ram. I had same problem with TCCD....It degrades over time with extreme clocking.
  10. Oh dear lord....where to begin. You need to read these forums man. Sorry not trying to be rude, but the DFI is it's own beast ....forget waht you think you know and start over....lol good luck. :tooth:
  11. no no no....Thats for the CPU multiplier
  12. man i already told you those stix are not meant to be OC'ed! You are splitting hairs here. You say you got 223, others say 225....It's 2 MHZ dude....you are never going to get the exact same OC as somone else. You want to OC with OCZ 1 gig stix get the 4000 plat 2x1gig stix....then you can OC your brains out. THESE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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