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  1. Sound like a memory controller of CPU problem , i have one 3000+ , cant run dual channel and 1T too . The issue is from the CPU
  2. yes , i have done over 20 times :shake: Now my X2 3800+ on the way to RMA , and i have here a 3000+ with damaged mem controller ( cant run dual channel ) :sad:
  3. Same OCZ PS520W , but i have used this PSU for 1 year , with DFI NF4 SLI-D , very rocks stable Another . thing is this RDX200 killed my A64 3000+ 's mem controller too No DFI for me in future
  4. Hi all , here is my stragedy : The sys i have used for over 1 month is in my Sign , no problem with the setting * X2 3800+ @ 2.6Ghz Vcore 1.52v cooled by Ninja Plus and never get over 42'C * 2x256MB Muskhin LII and 2x512MB Gskill GH @ 218 2-2-2-5 2.9v It sometimes had some boot issues when i restarted PC , no boot , i must turn off and then turn on PC , reset button no work in this case 4 days before , i turned off PC , PSU too . Put my Adata PC4800 2x256MB ( Tccd ) to see what my TCCD could do . But when i tunred on PC , no boot , 4 Led on !!! I put again my Muskhin and Gskill on , and no boot too !! Then i checked my CPU with my old DFI NF4 SLI-D , MSI X200 and found out my X2 was dead ! My put my old A64 3000+ in RDX200 with my Gkill , Muskhin and then found out my Muskhin were dead too ( check with NF4 and MSI X200 too ) So i used my 2x512MB Gskill GH in old NF4 SLI-D because i was scare the RDX200 will kill another component . That sucks 1 day later , when i turned off PC in 6h to go to school , when i went home , turned on PC , it didnt boot ( 4 leds on ) My Gskill GH will only boot with one stick , two sticks will get no boot !!! But in MSI X200 , my Gskill GH works ok in dual channel WTF is going on ? my NF4 was running rocks before i change the RDX200 , and i have not used old NF4 until the day RDX200 kill my CPU and Ram , now seems my Gskill brought the issues from RDX200 to my NF4 I tested my Adata in dual channel in NF4 and no boot too !!! OMG i'm insane now , my sucking RDX200 is all the reason , now i have 1 dead CPU , 2 dead sticks Ram , 1 crazy NF4 SLI-D dont like to run in dual channel So i will never buy the DFI product again , before buying this RDX200 , my NF4 run 1 year ok with my Gskill and Muskhin , now i will sell all these DFI boards and get the Sapphire X200 . BB DFI
  5. my RDX200 sucks , Raid0 wont work , the board killed my X2 3800+ and my Muskhin LII ( 2x256 ) after running 1 month , and the last thing this my Gskill GH ( 2x512 ) cant run together in all boards ( DFI NF4 , MSI X200 , RDX200 ) , they work ok just 1 stick , 2 stick ( single or dual channel ) will get no boot , i repeat again , this freaky thing happened after my Gskill run in RDX200 1 month I will never buy DFI board again !!!!!!!
  6. Ok , there is a stupid problem with my RDX200 and Raid0 I read all the threads with the same problem and tried many ways but it 's still not work. You can see my sys under my Sig , with 2x160 Seagate Bara 7200 rpm 8MB cache First , I updated the latest Bios (23/12/2005) , and use the Raid driver in DFI site I created the Raid0 chipset SB450 (3112) in Bios and then went into installing Windows XP. But WinXP didnt see my Raid , it showed ~ 300GB Then i created Raid0 chipset Image Silicon (3114) , when i installed WinXP , guess what happened ? After scanning hardware , WinXP went to BSOD ! WTF !!! I tried 2 CDs WinXP ver English and German , the same result was ! I also tried 2 drivers Raid http://www.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Driver/Sil3114r_1008.exe and http://www.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Driver/RDX200_RAID_F6.exe There is no problem with Raid0 setup with my old NF4 SLI-D but now with the s*cking RDX200 , i feel like to be cheated ! I spent 2 nights to setup Raid0 and now i guess i will sell this main ASAP
  7. probably not , do a search , there are some guys having 4GBs running in this forums Best regard
  8. I dont complain about the speed , 2x512Mbs @ 250Mhz is faster than 2x256Mbs @ 260Mhz in most applications . But the point is these Gskill ram eat alot of volt than other Ram i have here , my OCZ eat only 3.4v at 250 ( 2x512Mbs too ) . And in all the review site i read , the Gskill GH need only 3.2 or 3.3v at 250Mhz , so my Gskill is suck , unlucky for me . And if we talk about oc here , there is a wall at 250Mhz , i can not oc more than 250Mhz with any Bios , timings , slots , volts ..... just simply because my Ram suck
  9. Is your Corsiar UTT 2x512 or 2x256 ?? I have never seen 2x512 Corsair reach 277Mhz :shake:
  10. i knew that ! But OCZ VX 2x512Mb oc like piece of cake The only thing in my mind is Gskill makes the worst BH5 chip than others , i will soon sell this suking ram and keep the OCZ . Later i will buy Mushkin Redline , never Gskill again
  11. Hi guys ! I have just bought 2 stick Gskill GH 2x512Mb UTT BH5 Ok , the problem is that this stupid Ram seems dont like to oc over 250Mhz , the max bus i can reach is 250 with 3.5v , but it is not stable , and higher volt is not help anymore , i tried Yelloew and Orange but still same --> OMFG !!! Gskill is s*ck , i have 2 sticks of OCZ VX PC3200 2x512Mb and it can easily reach 260 3.5v stable , and my old school BH5 Mushkin LII 2x256Mb is stable like rock @ 270 3.6v I'm using Bios 702-2 which is the stable for my OCZ and Mushkin , but Gskill Anyone can give me some advice to oc more , i'm very dissapiont about Gskill UTT BH5 , i will never never never buy any Gskill more :mad: bye bye Gskill --> the worst BH5 i ever have
  12. I dont agree with u , not all people who buy a A64 system is for Overclocking . Image , with C&Q , A64 run cooler , keep your fan speed not to loud ...... It 's worthy to compare with a P4E ( hot like fire even at stock speed lol ) I love C&Q , AMD did a great job there
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