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  1. Sounds more like a Windows issue to me, and not the raid setup.
  2. Agreed, check the PSU list. If you cant find it here, go over to Extreme Overclockers. Unless your going to buy 2 SLI video cards now, or in the future, I see no need for an SLI motherboard. Make sure your video card is indeed SLI ready now. Corsair is good, I am using OCZ 3200 Platinum R2. Works very well, having Brainpower/TCCD. Take a look at the Hitachi drives if you want to get just a plain sata drive. If you want the best, nothing beats a Raptor, but it will cost ya. Weigh your usage to what hardware you get. You are getting a small HDD, an iffy PSU, a powerful graphics card. In my experience, I replace CPU's and graphics cards every 2-3 years. HDD's, well, you cant have too much storage space and speed. I got too many <100gig drives. I have a 74 and 80 gig drives now in my PC, along with 280 gig on my "server" box. There is never enough room.
  3. Just quit after one error. Any greater than one is a problem.
  4. Agreed, normal for a Raptor.
  5. Excellent work. I needed the voltage chart, and it was right there. Great compilation of data for the DFI overclocker. Much thanks.
  6. Lowboy, can you enlighten me on this issue with some links? I have a Modstream here on one of my PC's, and been having problems with it. RMA'ed the PSU through Compusa, but still there is a problem.
  7. EIAguila, See my post above your inquiry. I had not experienced any barrier to accessing voltages. As stated I was using 1.5v @ 104% Also, I may be wrong, but I dont think there is any voltage limitation of your CPU either.
  8. Finally got around to putting some time into my 165 Opteron, CCBWE 0546MPMW. This one is nowhere near as good as I have seen reports of. I finally got it running at 2.5ghz (9x278), but it took 1.5v (1.5x104%) to get it stable. Definitely not one of the better CPU's out there, but still I am pleased with the performance. I look at it as I paid $270 for a $800 CPU in terms of performance.
  9. I agree, but add Zippy to the top of the list.
  10. 20-24 converters are a no-no on DFI boards. You will have more problems in the future I'll bet.
  11. Better air flow in the case will fix that problem.
  12. Looks like mine will be just an average OC'er. Prime failed at 2.43 ghz @ 1.35v. I am stress testing again at the same clock rate with 1.375v, and seems to be doing okay. If these Opterons are like other AMD CPU's when overclocking, I see myself getting around 2.5ghz or perhaps a little better. Seems that when you have to start upping the volts, your only good for maybe 150mhz or so. Edit: hold the phone, stress testing 9x280 (2.52ghz) @ 1.375v. If this keeps up, I may be able to get 2.6ghz at 1.4v. I may not have the best CPU out there, but I am happy.
  13. You too Mac. Good OC Martin. Well, guess it is time to install this Opteron and see what it will do.
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