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    unofficial DUAL CORE opteron thread

    i got a 165 , step: 0546MPMW...is this a good clocker? anyone using this? can share ur settings? i want push it to ta max without adding voltage.... anyone got some guides or hints for me to get started?fsb,ram timing,etc.... i'm running on a dfi n-force 4 ultra 6 6-23 bios couple with 2 512mb ocz platinium pc3200 rev2 rams.... thanks in advance~
  2. i'm currently using this psu anyone tested it? very reliable, to me, and best of all its life time warranty, and according to acbel, Coolermaster psu are OEM lines of acbel psu, Remarkable, anyone using this? http://www.acbel.com/html/new/eurotrade_text.htm
  3. anyone? tested acbel psu? it was oem supplier for DELL and other reknown pc maker in my country for some time,
  4. how about ACBEL psu with life time warranty?
  5. hwoarang5

    NF4 ethernet troubles

    its the same case for me, trust me is all nvidia driver problems, installing the latest forceware without installing the old one cause me this problems, i think this should be announce to all nf4 users
  6. hwoarang5

    NF4 ethernet troubles

    trust me is all driver problems, its so weird the port is extremely slow, cannot connects to home lan but only log on to my dsl internet connection ,yet it does load a single page...... install later ethernet driver, its solves all my problems,
  7. hwoarang5

    NF4 ethernet troubles

    I found A SOLUTIONS~!! well i was having troubles yesterday when i wanted to use the NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller to connect to my xbox, the ethernet seems normal, configs everything works, even detected conections between my xbox with my cross cables, but due to some weird issues, it cant seem to recieve datas, the led at back only got right side lighted while left is always not. i tried all sort of ways to fix it but on avail, then i finaly decide to unistall the ethernet driver from the latest version of nforce driver installed in my pc(v6.53) and opt for the default driver cd ones, so i uninstall and reinstall from the cd's, it works~~!!!! like a charm, so i can dare to conclude that the latest driver from nvidia v6.53 seems to be buggy, ps: some infos, i have just formated my pc and install winxp with sp2 then straight away install nforce4 standalone kit v6.53, without installing drivers from the cd first, that might just be my problems.
  8. hwoarang5

    754/939 Users - What CPU COOLER are you using?

    hmm... i uses a rare japanese cooler , SCYTHE KAMAKAZE 2 SCKM-2000 at 1280rpm, idle at 39' load at 43' +- no aircon just room temp,
  9. well i got the problems at first with ta default bios revision, dont set your ram lentancy too low, for me.... i cant even run dual channel with my rams~! at first, then after some setting following angrygames, it works, but sometimes it auto restart my pc, wierd, then the latest official bios came out, so i reflash the bios to the latest official one, i forgot wat version, after reflash, i reset the jumper, and pull out the bios battery and unplug ta power cord for 1 minutes, ..... then reboot and load optimum settings in bios, now it works flawlessly by default settings, i tried setting rams timing to 2-2-2--6 it works too, but for now i just ran at auto, hopes this helps....
  10. winflash ? have u tried it? succesful? does flashing DFI mobo in windows stable? if then i preffered that, been so used to ABIT and MSI windows flash, thanks for ta support guys
  11. Erm, as title, is it possible? i have a bootable thumbdrive, can i flash my NF4 ULTRA -D with the official bios using it? i have change multiple floopy drive, and it always sit there and collects dust till its cramp down and cannot read any more diskets, so i given up on this forsaken technology, anyway, is it possible? since DFI let u select boot device , on start up, thanks for the reply guys...
  12. hwoarang5

    DFI NF4 ULTRA -D help needed~~

    yes i got it to work following Angry_Games 's guide, but i need to fine tune it abit cause i know my ram can go more than that, anyone using ta same chip as me? whats your best setting? thanks guys before for hleping kay,~
  13. hwoarang5

    DFI NF4 ULTRA -D help needed~~

    thanks, argh, never did thinks this mobo so buggy, even with reliable components, ca anyone help me ,anyone uses ta same ram as me? can give me a little faqs or guides? thanks in advance guys
  14. hi , i brought an DFI ultra - d together with user kianwee,of this forum, It seem me too having troubles with this motherboad, there's ta wierd thing i can't run dual channel drr, with my Corsair XMS PC3200 (CMX512 - 3200C2), it boots in bios, but when i enter windows it just restart ta pc, i run single channel it work, slot 1 and 2, but double channel, using slot 2 and 4, it wonlt let me enter winxp, why is it so? howand what do i have to tweak in the bios to enables me to use ta rams......... ps: how and where to check my bios revision?? thanks in advance .....guys