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  1. wasn't such an similar guide with settings for TCCD still existing? I search this TCCD thread now a long time, but i can't find it again!?
  2. i got it running wiht setting drive strengt to level 1 and activated SSE!! I can't believe it...
  3. where can i find optimal bios settings for my corsair xms 3200 xl rev 1.2 memory at DFI NF4 ultra-d?
  4. Where can i find settings for my Corsair Ram? Where ist the sticky whith some memory settings for reaching middle oc around 270 MHz HTT with TCCD memory?
  5. I never had problems with this PSU and this RAM with my Winchester!! This PSU is really well it has won some reviews here in germany. I must correct me, it only runs after CMOS reset and without "load optimized defaults". When i change only one setting in the bios and save nothing works anymore with SSE. Only after CMOS reset.
  6. Today i tried again 414-3 bios. i flashed and made CMOS reset. And then without "loading optimized Defaults" i got intio windows with SSE (seen in CpuZ). But it was 11*193 MHz. Then i got into BIOS and made a setting (Ram from 2,6 to 2,8V) and saved. And i didn't came into Windows. I switched the power supply off, and waited 10 min then i switched on and erverythink works. I don't understand what is going on with this Mainboard/Cpu!?
  7. Yesterday I tried 5 BIOS Versions everyone only works with deactivated SSE/SSE2 instructions.
  8. My Winchester runs without any problem with activated SSE instructions.
  9. Hey Guys, I've got a problem. I've a new AMD 3500+ VENICE E-Stepping and BIOS 310p. When SSE/SSE2 instructions are enables this porcessor doesn't boot into Windows and i cant install Windows. But if it is switched off, i can run Windows and install it. But so i don't have SSE1/SSE2/SSE3. What is wrong with my Processor (my winchester runs with enabled SSE-instructions)??
  10. okay, now I see, I was confused, because of xlpt, but pt is only the colour, isn't it?
  11. Is it possible to reach with this 3200xl rev. 1.2 a HTT with 280-300 ? What timings can then be used?
  12. ah, I don't understand it... Suddenly I had 270 MHz FSB Windowsstable, then I got to 275 and it crasht, back to 270 doesn't work, and even 200 MHz give MEMtest errors. Before my memory was running at 270 MHz with 2-3-3-6 MEMtest stable, but windows didn't boot. Help me, I don't unerstand it any longer!
  13. I Have a Be Quiet 420W Power Supply. I will try your sugestion.
  14. I have bought a pretested 3000+ with 2500 Mhz by 1,39 Volts. And I have the settings from RGone. But in my system, it isn't running with 278x9 by CPC 1T. Even not, when I give him more voltage. Windows crashs while starting, even SuperPi and Memory Bandwith Test from SiSoft Sandra. When I set CPC to 2T everything works fine. Can the memory by the reason? Even when I used 166 ram divider? My System: DFI nF4 Ultra-D AMD Winchester 3000+ Thermalright XP-120 1024 MB Corsair XL Rev. 1.2 MSI 6600 GT BQT P5-420W-S1.3
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