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  1. Gunbound...I used to see scads of people playing that game in the computer labs at the local university. I'll have to check it out. BTW, that Midnight Nowhere game looks as if it has some sharp looking graphics. I'm sure my integrated graphics won't struggle. It looks like the old school Resident Evil style graphics, with a static background. Am I correct? Thanks.
  2. Point and click, do you mean the Syberia game that all the critics seem to love? Never tried one (since Myst when I was ten).
  3. Ah, good point. Some Shadowrun on a Genesis emulator would be cool. Anyone know of a good game along the lines of Fallout? I don't usually go for RPGs, but I spent so much cherished time with Fallout. I think what was so appealing was the fact that it wasn't all mages and magic and stuff, it was more realistic. Thanks.
  4. Well, I'm still loving my DFI rig, but I just got a laptop for all my computing tasks that aren't gaming related (or so I thought). But I figure the laptop would be perfect for games that aren't all twitchy. Also, I'm going on a vacation in the summer and I want some games that I can leisurely play on my laptop. Mind you, it's a Dell 700m with integrated graphics, so don't go recommending any FPS's. I was thinking along the lines of an RTS or RPG, something that could be played with a touch pad if need be. What do you guys think, though? I'll start it off: -Fallout 2 -Civilization series (though I've never actually played one)
  5. Angry Games, why is that? Just curious, I'm using all my mobo fan headers (cpu fan, 4 case fans)
  6. You can also use Windows' ICS (internet connection sharing). Let's say you want to be able to connect another computer to your DSL or Cable modem. Instead of buying a 60 dollar router, you can configure ICS for free on the computer with two NICs. Kind of a pain to set up, and really, a router is a lot better. Just throwin it out there...
  7. You gotta get into the router. Once you get in there, you'll be able to see all of your settings and configuration. To do that, you have to type in the IP address of the router into your internet browser. The IP address is most likely or something like that. If you're not sure, get the router's manual. Once you're sure of its IP address, get into it and configure it. The only way to be able to statically configure your IP address while still being able to talk to the router is if you configure yourself on the same subnet as the router. i.e., if the router's IP address is, then you'd have to give yourself a 192.168.1.xxx address. Otherwise, your workstation and router won't see each other. Bottom line, though, is you have to know your router's IP. Once you know that, you're good.
  8. I had a similar issue (video would freeze in games, but then it would come back). Heat was the issue. The GPU was REALLY hot to the touch (almost couldn't touch some parts). Got two fans for the front of the case to pull cool air in and now it runs beautifully. No crashes AT ALL. So pop the case and check it out.
  9. Hey, thanks. My wife is very grateful (as am I for showing me the obvious )
  10. Haha, check this out, TWO useless/useful things combined into one http://www.overclockercafe.com/Reviews/other_misc/Tt_Xray/
  11. Here's a weird one (at least to me): My wife has been working with tables lately in MS Word. All of a sudden, two copies (one on each computer) of MS Word have lost their ability to replace highlighted text. Specifically, I'll highlight a word or phrase (using mouse, ctrl+shift, doesn't matter how) and try to type something to replace. Instead, Word just adds what I'm typing to the beginning of the selection and leaves the original selection. This has nothing to do with the Insert key and the "overwrite function". Anyone have a fix for this? I'm baffled. :confused: Thanks
  12. I'm actually pretty excited now, I couldn't push any further than 215x10 and I was gettin a bit disappointed, but then figured out that it must be my memory that's holding me back. Raceguy mentioned this to me before, but I guess I needed to make the connections myself in order to fully understand. Anyways, I did like he said and ran a divider at 5/6. Then I went from 215 to 230 and it booted fine. Ran superpi, ran PCMark, but 3DMark and Half-life wouldn't run. I thought, oh, well maybe I gotta turn that one number down (the multiplier that determines if you're between 1200 and 1800). It was at 4, but I tried 3 and I'm stable. I found a few things to be pretty interesting, though. First, my PCMark 04 scores really went up from my stock speeds. Everything but HDD scores (those went down) and memory (which I expected because I think the RAM is operating at a lower speed). What surprised me most, though, was that there was NO CHANGE at all in my 3DMark05 score. None. I had assumed that I would see some sort of gain, but perhaps this is because the memory is running slower? Well, it's still pretty gratifying. To see gains like I've seen in SuperPi and PCMark is great. I don't know if I'm going to go higher. We'll see...
  13. Actually, no. I run the 32M test. At stock speeds I ran a 37:37 on superpi. At 2.15GHZ I got a 35:26. Those were both with no divider. Then, last night, I ran a 33:24 at 2.30GHZ with a divider at 5/6. Hmm, is that not realistic? (i've been quite pleased with the results)
  14. Frallan, Thanks, after doing some reading, I've determined (I'm sure everyone else knew this before I even tried OCing) that my memory is holding me back. It seems as if i can't go any higher than where I am (215x10) with 1:1, so I'm going to have to try running a divider. I'll have to dig around a bit in the bios to figure out where to configure a divider. You're totally right, though. I think I've created a monster.
  15. Hey, that was really interesting. Thanks. Makes me wish I would have known more when I chose my memory. I could have sprung for better stuff. Oh well, this is quite the learning experience. On the upside, I'm excited about trying a memory divider tonight...just need to figure out how Thanks again.
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