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  1. Not scared but didn't post since it's Intels section but here goes. 95,023 Just running H2O in a case at the moment. :nod:
  2. Well run the DD TDX but may use some dry ice this weekend
  3. Thanks alot Rgone!!! Got both LAN bk. Checked em and all is good. Just wanted to say thanks! :nod:
  4. I currently am running a DD TDX for my cpu, MAZE4 on my GPU, D-4 pump and black ice extremeII radiator. I have a Super Pi and S&M stable OC of 272x10 when stressing my cpu I have seen temps. hardley break 40C. While benching futuremark and AM3 I set my graphics from (520/540) to (610/600) and the temps. normally don't go over 35C. I have been really happy w/ choosing a DD setup and from my experiance I would recommend them to anyone.
  5. Well didn't have a chance to reload OS but did flash to 310 and it didn't help. Will be reloadin OS tonight.
  6. Alpha what are you using for cooling. If you check his sig he has a mach2 which lets him hit that level. I am running a Danger Den cooling set up on mine but really hit a wall @ 2800. Best results for me all around is 272X10 w/ ram 1:1 @ 2.5,3,3,8. As for high HTT I was in windows last night @ 7x395. :nod:
  7. K givin it a try when I get home. When I hit 400HTT and was runnin benches thats when I realized I lost the Marvel LAN. Guess I gonna stay away from the 400HTT.
  8. Ok the other day I was using my DFI Nforce4 rig. Took it apart and installed my waterblock. Re-assembled all and since then I lost my Nvidia LAN. Now today I was meesin around OCin. Everything went fine no crashes. I went to connect to the internet and now my Marvel LAN seems fubared. I get the message limited or no connectivity? Any suggestions or am I gonna havta RMA this mobo already? BTW I did a new OS install after the NVidia one went south and still no go.
  9. First hey Flex didn't know you where here too. Alpha is the 2 sticks @ 280? What kind of timings are you running? I have the 3700 Plats. and got them up to 275 this weekend but had to go to the 2.9 vdimm setting. This was @ 2.5,3,3,8.
  10. I am running OCZ PC3700 Platinums. This weekend I had hit 275 @ 2.5,3,3,8 I was completely stabile @ 272 2.5,3,3,8
  11. Well as stated I have the NF4 Ultra. Whenever I try to use a 9 multi on my cpu it's a no go. Right after the post when you get the cmos........OK I get DCHP w/ a little hyphen like mark spinning. If I try to go back to 10 or 8 I get the same error until I leave the clear cmos jumper in place for like 1 hr. I can boot up @ 8x240 10X275 as highs. Anything I try w/ a 9 multi don't work. I had this cpu running on a MSI Neo2 before and did use the 9 multi. I have bios 2.18 should I try a differant bios?
  12. Hey thanks! Ok now I am ready. I currently am running 265x10 @ 1.55v beetween 49-50C fully loaded. I think I can go to 2.7-2.75 cool and stable. Was running 2.72 on my Neo2 but the highest they had was 10% but worked as (1.55x.1) + 1.55 which gave me around 1.7max. Was worried to try it on this since if it was the same it would have given me over 3v lol.
  13. I am new to DFI and have some questions about the voltage settings. I see the percentage multiplier they use are all over 100% what setting is this voltage getting added to? If I have the cpu vid set at 1.5V and use the 104% setting what do I get for vcore? I am guessing it would be 1.5x1.04=1.56? Just afraid of blowin stuff up so figured I would ask before playin with the settings. Thanks in advance.
  14. I am actually running Bios 2.18 along with OCZ 3700 Platinums. Not sure what the problem was so that's the best I can suggest.
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