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  1. Is this true? I changed my setting to the one suggested and am not noticing much difference anywhere.
  2. Thank you. I have set it to that setting. Are there any additional BIOS settings I should look at adjusting? I am not sure where to see this difference since adjusting the Voltage setting. Thank you again!
  3. You guys/gals? have been very helpfull. I did find the following setting: CPU Host/PCI Clock in my Frequency/Voltage Control with these options: Default, 50/25MHz, 66/33MHz, 100/33MHz, and 133/33MHZ. I am running a AMD K7 700 CPU. What are your suggestions please?
  4. Thank you. I assume this FSB setting is in my Bios too?
  5. Thank you very much for the immediate response. Great link but I am not exactly sure what settings you are suggesting I change here. It seems to be a general link for Bios. I did not see any suggested settings for my AI61 motherboard and CPU overclocking. I am looking for the changes specific to my motherboard and CPU. Specificly as well, changes to speed up or overclock my 700 Athlon to something faster. Thank you again!
  6. I am brand spankin new at over clocking. Well, let's just say I have never done it. Is there any way possible someone can help me overclock my CPU? PLEASE? My e-mail address is [email protected] It is a Shuttle AI61 motherboard and Athlon AMD700 CPU. Here is the info on it. AI61 Info Chipset AMD 750 CPU Support 500-800Mhz Bus Speed Support 100Mhz AGP Support 2x ISA Slots None PCI Slots 5 AMR Slots None DIMM Slots 3 Memory Support PC100 Onboard Fan Connector 3 Sets Wake On Modem Yes Wake On LAN Yes USB Connectors 4 PCB Connectors 6 Board Size 24.4x30.5 1. Testing and Performance Report AI61 done a great job on design and material, we can see that with the testing report of Quake III Arena, WinBench99 and WinTune 1.0.42 (Table 2, 3, and 4) Also, since there are rumors about K7 motherboards have incompatibility issue with some KINGMAX PC133 memory, we have taken the opportunity to do some memory compatibility tests. During the test, we found AI61 to be perfectly compatible with PC100/133 memory (KINGMX PC133 pass the test too).
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