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  1. _________________________________________________________________ 3/9/06 - TO ALL PREVIOUS/POTENTIAL BUYERS: I will be completely unavailable for the next 6-8 weeks. Although everyone that I have recently conducted business with is to my knowledge completely satisfied, I understand that there is always the possibility of a problem arising and I want to make sure you are alerted to my absence ahead of time. I have every intention of adressing whatever difficulties may arise but they will simply have to wait for the aforementioned period of time. This is nothing but a precaution, I do not want to come back to negative heatware feedback because a buyer got the impression that I was ignoring them. This message will be posted on all of the forums that I trade on. You are free to pm me or leave an email at [email protected] I apologize for any inconvienence, it is an unavoidable situation. _________________________________________________________________ Opteron 150 - IHS Removed - flawless condition. Can include retail box and original heatsink assembly (unused) upon request. $265 shipped Enermax 660W Power Supply! FOUR 12v rails, should be able to handle any new system. Will get pic of sticker ASAP. $175 shipped BFG 7800GT OC H20 - Uses koolance water block ($45 retail) $250 shipped. For laptops: Seagate Momentus 100gb 5400rpm harddrive. Included with new laptop and was used for a very short time. $145 shipped Pentium M 765 Dothan 2.1ghz. SL7V3 400FSB. $305 shipped Infineon 2x256mb DDR2 533 SODIMM $30 shipped Paypal is preferred but money orders are accepted. PM with interest. Email = [email protected] Aim = Rogueblowtorch Heat = i2kvv Thanks for looking!
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