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  1. Hi affebaffe, Thanks for the reply. I'm actually not looking to OC at all. I just want to run the timings that I read in the post, and have my processor run at stock speeds. So I set the FSB back to 200 and the CPU/FSB to 12. I booted into windows and the processor is back at 2.41GHz. All the other settings I have though are from that post. Should I set anything else?
  2. Hi all, I recently (as of last night) built a new system with and AMD x2 4600+ And Also OCZ PC4000 Gold XTC Ram (2gb kit). I got alot of my settings from this thread on the OCZ site http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....973&postcount=4 Now my question it this. I think some of the settings were Opteron specific, because my CPU in Windows is now only showing up as a 2.00 GHz and not a 2.4GHz. I assume the only settings that need changing are the CPU Voltage, LDT Voltage, and Chip Set Voltage, as far as I know the DRAM Voltage is correct (but I may be wrong there as well). I'm at a loss because I frankly don't know what those settings should be. Any help on what these settings should be? Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Hey guys, Thanks for the replies. Quick question though. I tried just running the two new sticks, not all 4 at the old settings. Still got a fail on Test #7. Wasn't the same spot that it failed, and I forgot to record the address. Could this still be a timing thing? Any help would be great. Thanks! Terry
  4. Hey folks, I got a second set of OCZ Plat Rev2 memory for christmas. Currently I am running 2x512 of the same things. So total now I am running 4x512 sticks. I have a DFI LanParty NF4 board. I updated to the 623-3 bios, and set most of my settings the way I had them previously (except I disabled CPC). Side note also, not trying to OC just trying to get it to work: My settings I had were: DRAM Freq: 200 CPC: Disable Tcl: 2.0 Trcd: 02 Tras: 06 Trp: 02 Trc: 10 Trfc: 16 Trrd: 03 Twr: 03 Twtr: 02 Tref: Auto Twcl: Auto Dram Bank Interleave: Enabled I had my DRAM Drive strength on 7 Memtest seems to give an error on Test 7. Seems to be the only error so far. Does this point to bad ram? Should I return it? Or is it a setting somewhere that maybe I'm missing? The failing address is: 0000bed4e1c - 190.2MB If you need more info let me know. Thanks for any help! Terry
  5. Thanks Angry. I thought the 310 would be fine for this one, good thing I posted haha.
  6. Hi Folks, Got a question for you all. I currently have 1 gig of ram (2 x 512MB). They are running in dual channel mode in the orange slots (I believe anywa, would have to double check). I am using an older bios 310 and running with a 3800 Venice processor. It looks like I might be getting another gig of ram for christmasm same brand OCZ plat Rev 2. What I'm wondering is this. If I put in all 4 dimms, will I still get the same performance I am now with the ram? I seriously hope I am phrasing the question right. If not, my apologies. Might I need to change a setting in the bios anywhere? Or should my timings and such work fine right off the bat. Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. I will have to keep that in mind .. thank you!
  8. Hey All, The other night I ran Prime95 just to test out my new 3800+. I let it run for about 15 hours, and then when I stopped the test, it just said "Execution halted" no errors or anything. It also didn't give the amount of time it ran (which is where you see the errors and such if there were any). That sound like just a program hiccup or something? Just curious if anyone else has ever gotten that. Terry
  9. Hi All, I've seen things back and forth on the forums of which bios to use for a Venice processor. I currently have 3/10, and I didn't really go through some steps like I should of before I installed the processors (like loading opt defaults etc). Is 3/10 the best bios though for the Venice. Is it the 3/10 bios? the 3/16(?) Is there another one that might be better? Thanks for any help! Terry
  10. Just an update, tonight I'm going to try before I flash any new bios .. I'm going to clear the cmos .. and load optimized efaults (which I never did in the first place) and then possibly set the DRAM Drive to 3 again. Thought I would ask really quick, if anyone knows if the proper DRAM Drive for Cosair TwinX1024-3200C2PT should be set to 3 or a different number? Thanks for any info!
  11. I guess I will give the 3/16 bios a try .. Seems that people seem to use that one with the Venice. Atleast from what I read last night. I'll have to try tonight. Hopefully things will work out.
  12. Would new bios help with this at all? Cause I will be honest. I am a complete noob when it comes to changing alot of the settings.
  13. The only thinkg I ever did before .. was just set my memory to it specs. EG: Tcl, Trcd, Tras, and Trp. Should Is et that Dram Drive to 3 and then just leave the Tcl, Trcd, Tras, and Trp as auto? I'm honestly a tad confused at what I should be doing. I'm not over clocking or anything, just wanting to run at stock speeds for now. Should I also update my bios, right now I'm currently running the 3/10 bios.
  14. No worries .. thanks for atleast posting hehehe
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