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  1. Yes indeed I'm quite inexperienced. However the two flashes I made on both mine and my brothers system where done exactly as your 'official' way stated. The problem does not seem to lie within the mobo itself because when I switched my Corsair RAM to the other setup that one got unstable and mine got stable. The settings where defaulted on both systems. Now I'm going back to my testing. Gonna try upping the volt like you said. Oh and btw I always turn off everything I dont use on the mobo.
  2. Seriously. Should I RMA them? Or maybe if it's just that my mobo doesn't like them - buy another mobo?
  3. When I use one stick I have no lockup problems at all. Can you guys give me some hints of what might let me use them both without any problems?
  4. Finally found the real cause of the problem after switching mobo with my brother. The lockups occur when I use my Corsair RAM and my X2 together. But the processor might not be the real problem because I had one lockup when I used my brothers 3000+.
  5. It freezes "for good" and not just temporarily. Restarting is the only thing that helps. BTW I have a new suspect; My NB has started reaching temperatures up to 60-70 degrees so I checked it out and it turns out that the fan is dead. Replaced it with a heatsink (only) but that only made it worse. Actually I got a lockup now with the 3000+, so my X2 is definately out of the picture. Ordered a Revoltec NB fan and heatsink a few min ago. I will return in a few days if it won't fix the lockups either.
  6. all I can say is; HUH? Already checked that on both systems. They're both correct.
  7. Yesterday I did not only put my brothers cpu on my mobo - I put my X2 on his mobo (we both have DFI LanParty UT Ultra-D nF4 mobos). Now this is what's weird - neither of our systems lock up any more. My guess is that my mobo doesn't like dual core processors, however it might be that I have different RAM, but I doubt that. A third guess of mine is that I was using the 4V jumper before on my mobo and that fooked it up somehow. I guess we'll just have to exchange mobos to solve the problem then. Thanks for all the help though, bugeyes, and all you other helpful souls.
  8. Yeah it's so typical that someone just posts something not relevant at all to the problem itself. I had the system up and running the whole night without a single problem, but how can I be sure that when I return it they will be able to recreate the same lockups? I mean if they can't find a problem, then they won't approve the RMA, right?
  9. This is what I was afraid of. I'm gonna put my brothers CPU in my rig later today and see if my X2 is the problem as expected. Back later with results... EDIT: Been up and running now for two hours with my brothers 3000+ Venice, and that's longer than the X2 has lasted between most of its lockups. I'll leave it on tonight and see if it freezes. If not, where should I turn for RMA?
  10. The screen just freezes and it doesnt matter what I am running, at least I have not observed any patterns except that I have only seen it lockup in Windows.
  11. They have changed that specification in the last few weeks (I think I read it in some pdf released by Corsair that showed why you would need 2GB of RAM in games like BF2). Anyways I have tried really loose timings (and the default timings too) but I have still gotten the lockups. Yup, how come? I still get lockups when I dont have 6.66 installed...
  12. I could borrow my bro's memory and cpu to see if they are the problem....
  13. Ok that did not help either. Any further suggestions?
  14. Seems some RAM settings were altered by default (by that I mean not set to Auto). Changed them all to Auto now so let's see how it all turns out...
  15. How can that be when I am able to run Memtest for 9h without a single error at the settings I am using? All other settings are defaulted yes. It does not matter what I put my CPU volt or mem timings at so what the fook could be the problem?
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