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  1. I could prob scrap one from somewhere, the thing is though that the screen is back to normal, wehn it screws up again, then ill try and swith out monitors, if not then i think it might be the mobo. Thanks
  2. well i decided to try taking out the video car and the cvga cable and putting them back in. When I started up the computer, the screen was screwed up for a minute and then went to normal. You think its my screen huh?
  3. Hi, So a couple days ago, my computer started to randomly restart. I ddecided to take a ram stick out and put it in another slot and it worked, the computer stoped randomly restarting. Now a couple of days passed and out of no where when I start up my computer, it turns on, doesnt show me anything on the boot screen, just black until like 2 minutes later, my screen decides to turn on and the picture on screen is stretched. I dont understand whats wrong. Im guessing it might be the motherboard thats giving out a wrong distribution of power. Thanks, Thriceaddict btw I am running windows x64.
  4. Tried that still getting a lot of errors My ram also seems to be unstable because I keep getting the blue screen and it keeps restarting. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Thriceaddict
  5. Chipset V. 1.60 V AGP V 1.50 V Dram V 2.60 V cpu core V 1.50 V Vid control is set on auto and I dont know how to find that out. Thanks, Thriceaddict
  6. Hi, I recently found out that I was not able to install programs in windows due to memory access errors. I thought it may have been the os and decided to reformat. When I reformated and put the windows cd it, the system was haveing trouble copying the files from the cd to the hard drive. I looked this problem up online and the said it had to do with memory errors. Finally, I decided to run memtest on these mofos and I got nothing but errors. Every access point gave me an error. Now my question is, is this pqi's fault for giving me bad memory or is it the motherboard that has done somethig to them? Thanks, Thriceaddict
  7. Hey all, Im having trouble with temp reading. My bios says that my temperature is about 40C while the program that came with my board "ITE Smart Guardian" says that the temp is at 33C. Im wondering which one of these do I trust and is there a way to increase accuracy in them? Thanks, Thriceaddict
  8. Hi guys, I had a quick question, what does it mean when someone is saying that their ram is at a 1:1 ratio. For example when someone says "1G Geil Ultra X 6,3,3,2.5 3.0V 1:1". How can I reach that? Thanks, Thriceaddict
  9. Hi, Just installed everything on my new comp, and when I went to check the temperature in my bios, it read the cpu as 51 C idle and the system at 31, any suggestions you think its the bios or is it really my chip running that high,btw i have a Zalmen copper alumnium fan. Thanks, Thriceaddict
  10. figured it out, turns out the bord didnt take my pny pc2700 ddr333, tried roomates ddr400 pc3200, and it booted up. Thanks for your help. thriceaddict
  11. I had the same problem as you, i was using pc3200 ddr333 and it wouldnt boot up, just made beeping noises. I then decided to try out my roommates ram which was a kingston 512 ddr400 pc3200, and it booted up. For some reason its not accepting pc2700 ddr333's. Hope that helps
  12. the 4 pin connector is plugged in, i cant even get anything to show up on the screen so i can access the bois. It the makes that beeping saound and shows no video output
  13. sorry about that i have a Nvidia mmx 440 400Wht Colorsit power supply
  14. I just recieved my motherboard and cpu in the mail. I put my new computer eagerly awaiting to be blown back by the great power. When I went to start up the system, it started beeping for about a second every 2 seconds and there is nothing that comes up onto the screen. I have a NF3 250GB. At this point I am staringh at a blank screen and a computer that doesnt stop beeping. PLEASE HELP ME. Thanks, Thriceaddict DFILanparty NF3 250gb AmD 3200+ Newcastle Maxtor 200 GB hdd 1 gb pc2700 ddr333
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