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    Memory not 100% stable

    So far, windows and gaming are ok. But IMO, if i can't benchmark, it means the system is not 100% stable. I do plan to buy 2 1Gb sticks when funds allow it. I guess i'll have to run the 2Gb at DDR333 or put back my 1Gb of G.Skill for a 100% stable system......
  2. I'm currently running 4 x 512MB of PC3200 PNY memory. All the sticks have the same chips and far as I know, they are from the same batch (week). At the moment, they do run in Dual Channel mode (128bit) and the system does boot into windows fine. The current timings are 3-3-3-8 2T with 2.5v. I can post all the memory setting if requested. I'm able to run the memory benchmarks in Everest 2006 without any errors. Also, SuperPi 1M runs ok (35s, yesa I know its slow:p ) and it runs a couple of benchmarks in FarCry & Doom3. I'm currently running SP2004 (no errors so far) My issue is that I know the memory is not 100% stable as MemTest fails on test 8 (approx 6%). I've tried different settings for the memory but I've have no joy. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could improve the stability?
  3. zeus_999

    Memory not 100% stable

    I know all the sticks are good as I've tested each one (and in pairs) with memtest (10 passes without error) Just so you know, if I set all the memory settings to auto, the memory speed is set to 166Mhz (DDR333) and the system is stable. I've run SP2004 for 6 hours without any issues. and so far, the issue only appears in Memtest, Aquamark & 3DMark01/3/5/6. Here's the full memory settings I'm using. FSB/DRAM Divider: 200 Tcl: 3 Trcd: 3 Tras: 8 Trp: 3 Trc: 12 Trfc: 14 Trrd: 2 Twr: 3 Twtr: 2 Trtw: 4 Tref: 3072 Twcl: 1 Bank Int: Enabled Skew Control: Auto Skew Value: 0 Drive strength: Auto Data strength: Auto Max Async: 6 DRAM Response Time: Normal Read Preamble: 5 Idle Cycle: 016 Dynamic Counter: Enable R/W Bypass: 8 Bypass Max: 4 32bit Gran: Disable(4)
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    Attn: XFX 6800GT PCI-E Owners

    Yekim, Sorry for the delayed responce but I've had a few PC issues myself. Are you still having a issue?
  5. I've already got it somewhere, so I'll install it once I've finished playing the BF2 demo (SP mode) in [email protected] with max detail settings
  6. For the last 5 months I haven't had any problems running my rig in SLI mode. However, I started up my rig to update the GPU & mobo drivers but I came across a problem. I updated the mobo drivers fine but the GPU is a different story. In device manager, one of the GPU's (bottom one, PCI-e slot 4) had a error saying that the device couldn't start. I removed all the GPU drivers, rebooted and installed them again but the same message was there. So I removed the drivers again but this time I switched the GPU's around to see if it was one of the GPU's. Once I reinstalled the drivers, the GPU in PCI-e slot 4 was reporting the same error as before. This leaves me to belive that the PCI-e4 slot is faulty. :sad: I've also tried resetting / reflashing the BIOS but that didn't help. Is there something I've overlooked or is it time to RMA the mobo?
  7. Well after two clean windows installs, BIOS update to the mobo & re-flashing the GPU's with the stock BIOS, I've finally got both GPU's working correctly thanks everyone for the advice
  8. I was thinking about doing a clean Windows install. I'll give the 23/06/05 BIOS & the 77.50 drivers (which I was trying to install before) ago but I'll have to d/l the 6.66 (nice version number ) mobo drivers as I've only got the 6.39 chipset drivers.
  9. The reason I was updating the drivers to see if I got any improvement in FPS within games. I forgot to say that I did a system restore to the point before I installed the new drivers and the problem was still there.
  10. I've got a OCZ PowerStream 600w on my SLI rig and I don't have a problem. Make sure you have all the power leads connected to the motherboard
  11. Here's the way I do a complete test of a oc.... NOTE - each step has to complete without any errors before I start the next one. Memtest #5 - 10 passes Memtest #8 - 10 passes Memtest all - 8hrs SuperPi 1M - 5 passes OCCT (30 min Test) - 5 passes SuperPi 32M - 5 passes AquaMark 3 - 5 passes 3DMark01/03/05 - 5 passes each FarCry HOC Pier demo - 25 passes (custom batch file to run game in a loop) Prime95 - 8hrs+ Then if all that passes, I play HL2 from start to finish in one go (approx 6.5hrs) If its still ok, oc is stable I know its overkill but I don't want my system to crash in the middle of a LAN party
  12. Could you post a screen shot so we can see what you see
  13. On my rig, I score 9k so yours is a little low for 2 6800Ultra's. Have you oc'ed your CPU? Also, what GPU drivers are you using?
  14. zeus_999

    Memtest won't pass test #8

    What Tref are you using? Try setting the tref to 1032
  15. zeus_999

    G.SKILL or OCZ or Kingston

    IMO, get the G.Skill PC4400LE
  16. I've tried BETA drivers but I've found that the 71.89 are best on my rig. I'm temps on my GPU's are: - GPU1 - 70c (load) GPU2 - 75c (load)
  17. I use the 71.89 drivers and I don't have a problem. If you want to backup your profiles within your drivers, then I think there is a app called nHancer (I think) that does it.
  18. zeus_999

    1gb Pc 4400le, This Is Doing My Head In!

    Try the 414-3 BIOS and the memory in the Orange slots. Then try these settings... FSB/DRAM: 200 1:1 Tcl: 2.5 Trcd: 3 Tras: 7 Trp: 3 Trc: 10 Trfc: 14 Trrd: 2 Twr: 2 Twrt: 2 Trwt: 4 Tref: 1032 Twcl: 1 Bank Int: enable Skew Control: auto Skew Value: 0 Drive strength: auto Data strength: auto Max Async: 7 Read Preamble: 5 Idle Cycle: 16 Dynamic Counter: enable R/W Bypass: 16 Bypass Max: 7 32bit Gran: disable
  19. zeus_999

    3DMark05 scores....post yours!!

    Here's talking about section 8 of the forum rules --> http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10
  20. zeus_999

    3DMark05 scores....post yours!!

    Sorry AG..... I didn't think to check the image size.... I'll make sure I do in the future. I'll use the bimg tag instead.... Here's my score (with the right image tags this time) [bimg]http://rig.worldofzeus.co.uk/images/Benchmark/3DM5_255x11_420-1100_10483.JPG[/bimg]
  21. Ever since I started oc'ing my San Diego 4000+, I've been thinking that I need phase change cooling to get the most out of my system. So I've been looking around at different cases because my PC-75 is too big to sit on top of a Prometeia 2 (aka MachII). I've found a kit that contains a PC-60 (pre-modified) & Prometeia 2. http://www.extremeprometeia.com/acatalog/P...ach_II.html#a23 What do you think? It it worth the money? Or should I go with a Vapochill Extreme Edition II? http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Vap...#aFS_2d019_2dVP
  22. Has anyone else got any comments?
  23. zeus_999

    3DMark05 scores....post yours!!

    Here's my 3DMark05 score dont you people ever read the rules? we DO HAVE RULES FOR A REASON...