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  1. So far, windows and gaming are ok. But IMO, if i can't benchmark, it means the system is not 100% stable. I do plan to buy 2 1Gb sticks when funds allow it. I guess i'll have to run the 2Gb at DDR333 or put back my 1Gb of G.Skill for a 100% stable system......
  2. I know all the sticks are good as I've tested each one (and in pairs) with memtest (10 passes without error) Just so you know, if I set all the memory settings to auto, the memory speed is set to 166Mhz (DDR333) and the system is stable. I've run SP2004 for 6 hours without any issues. and so far, the issue only appears in Memtest, Aquamark & 3DMark01/3/5/6. Here's the full memory settings I'm using. FSB/DRAM Divider: 200 Tcl: 3 Trcd: 3 Tras: 8 Trp: 3 Trc: 12 Trfc: 14 Trrd: 2 Twr: 3 Twtr: 2 Trtw: 4 Tref: 3072 Twcl: 1 Bank Int: Enabled Skew Control: Auto Skew Value: 0 Drive strength: Auto Data strength: Auto Max Async: 6 DRAM Response Time: Normal Read Preamble: 5 Idle Cycle: 016 Dynamic Counter: Enable R/W Bypass: 8 Bypass Max: 4 32bit Gran: Disable(4)
  3. I'm currently running 4 x 512MB of PC3200 PNY memory. All the sticks have the same chips and far as I know, they are from the same batch (week). At the moment, they do run in Dual Channel mode (128bit) and the system does boot into windows fine. The current timings are 3-3-3-8 2T with 2.5v. I can post all the memory setting if requested. I'm able to run the memory benchmarks in Everest 2006 without any errors. Also, SuperPi 1M runs ok (35s, yesa I know its slow:p ) and it runs a couple of benchmarks in FarCry & Doom3. I'm currently running SP2004 (no errors so far) My issue is that I know the memory is not 100% stable as MemTest fails on test 8 (approx 6%). I've tried different settings for the memory but I've have no joy. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could improve the stability?
  4. Yekim, Sorry for the delayed responce but I've had a few PC issues myself. Are you still having a issue?
  5. I've already got it somewhere, so I'll install it once I've finished playing the BF2 demo (SP mode) in [email protected] with max detail settings
  6. Well after two clean windows installs, BIOS update to the mobo & re-flashing the GPU's with the stock BIOS, I've finally got both GPU's working correctly thanks everyone for the advice
  7. I was thinking about doing a clean Windows install. I'll give the 23/06/05 BIOS & the 77.50 drivers (which I was trying to install before) ago but I'll have to d/l the 6.66 (nice version number ) mobo drivers as I've only got the 6.39 chipset drivers.
  8. The reason I was updating the drivers to see if I got any improvement in FPS within games. I forgot to say that I did a system restore to the point before I installed the new drivers and the problem was still there.
  9. For the last 5 months I haven't had any problems running my rig in SLI mode. However, I started up my rig to update the GPU & mobo drivers but I came across a problem. I updated the mobo drivers fine but the GPU is a different story. In device manager, one of the GPU's (bottom one, PCI-e slot 4) had a error saying that the device couldn't start. I removed all the GPU drivers, rebooted and installed them again but the same message was there. So I removed the drivers again but this time I switched the GPU's around to see if it was one of the GPU's. Once I reinstalled the drivers, the GPU in PCI-e slot 4 was reporting the same error as before. This leaves me to belive that the PCI-e4 slot is faulty. :sad: I've also tried resetting / reflashing the BIOS but that didn't help. Is there something I've overlooked or is it time to RMA the mobo?
  10. I've got a OCZ PowerStream 600w on my SLI rig and I don't have a problem. Make sure you have all the power leads connected to the motherboard
  11. Here's the way I do a complete test of a oc.... NOTE - each step has to complete without any errors before I start the next one. Memtest #5 - 10 passes Memtest #8 - 10 passes Memtest all - 8hrs SuperPi 1M - 5 passes OCCT (30 min Test) - 5 passes SuperPi 32M - 5 passes AquaMark 3 - 5 passes 3DMark01/03/05 - 5 passes each FarCry HOC Pier demo - 25 passes (custom batch file to run game in a loop) Prime95 - 8hrs+ Then if all that passes, I play HL2 from start to finish in one go (approx 6.5hrs) If its still ok, oc is stable I know its overkill but I don't want my system to crash in the middle of a LAN party
  12. Could you post a screen shot so we can see what you see
  13. On my rig, I score 9k so yours is a little low for 2 6800Ultra's. Have you oc'ed your CPU? Also, what GPU drivers are you using?
  14. What Tref are you using? Try setting the tref to 1032
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