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  1. Hello! I am just wondering how easy it actually is to cut up this heatsink? the heatpipe one? It`s HARD.. but not impossible. I cut my freezer in a circle saw disigned to cut steel tubes and beams.. i can get hold of the HSF for around £15, and will try to cut it myself, but what should i use to cut it with? (see pic.) i have just looked at the latest picture, and if not mistaken, is the lower end of the hsf touching the audigy? this is not a major concern for me apart from when installing/removing it. The cooler has clearance form the x-fi, 3mm! also, have you done anything to strengthen the other side, or is there no need for it? i am thinking of using a metal bar across the base of the hsf, running on two threaded bolts running up the holes to mount it, do you think itll work? I have also thinked about this option, it would be a better solution, but it works pretty good without one. sorry for all the questions, but i have very limited options at the moment, and am either going to do this, or going to spend a lot of money of the jingting cooler, which is nice, but i dont think will cool as well as this setup. If you have the time and skillz, go for the freezer. I`m not so shure that the jingting will work so well if you remove the cooler! and a final question is this - is there not already a thermaltake cooler that is essentially looking just like the cut up ac freezer 7? would it not be easier to just cut off the ends of that, as i think its for 120mm fans, and then mount?! Dunno thanks in advance for any replies, this is one great thread, should be made a sticky on most forums that deal with dfi, least of all this one! Hmm.. I don`t think the tread is popular enugh for a sticky, it only has 78 000hits and 253 replies
  2. Just got a XFX 7900GT 520M that does 571/1714 stock (coolbits), this is with the stock cooler and no V-mod. I`m going to do the 1,4V mod and will come back with results later this week
  3. Just installed a 7900GT with NVSilencer 5.3 and got really nice temps on my chipset as the vga-cooler sucks air trought the chipsetcooler. 34 deg.C now @full load :nod: BTW.. over 71 000hit`s on the tread
  4. The TT BT is no monster compared to the Dual-Micro I made this week :nod: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=88662
  5. Being lazy got me all the way.. and much longer! Got a new a much more spectacular project on the way.. forget what you`ll seen so far Zalman gonna offer me a job in the r&d section after this mod! Pics comin`@xtremesystem.org soon Going for 60000hits
  6. I`m often too lazy to resize pics But most of them are found at www.xtremesystems.com/forums anyway
  7. But if you want too see them, just visit xtremsystems.com here: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums...ead.php?t=87365
  8. I admit.. it`s kind a hard to cut it so clean, but if you have the right tools and skills.. ..then it`s still HARD anyway :shake:
  9. The flip on the chipset is a very modified Arctic Freezer ..and yes the HD at the bottom is a Raptor 150GB, kickass drive, I like it alot!
  10. My MB temperature was way too high after installing and overclocking my dual-core CPU. Under full load the MB reported temps. above 70deg.C. After the mod the temperature never come`s above 60deg.C I`m too lazy to explain in details how every ting was made, so I let the pictures speak for them self.. This mod is primary for passive cooled systems and people with watercooling (low airflow systems) The pics was to large, and is now remowed! But if you want too see them, just visit xtremsystems.com here: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=87365
  11. The size of the holes is 3mm. If you look at page 14 I have made a draving that explain the holes. Just added more cooling on my mainboard (see pic)
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