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  1. Some_Guy_

    Whats The Point

    This thread is nearly a year old. Please stop digging up ancient history.
  2. Some_Guy_

    Bouncing Baby #3

    Congratulations, man!
  3. Some_Guy_

    Pentium 3 Core

    Yup, that's a Coppermine.
  4. Some_Guy_

    Monitor Painting Success

    The gloss doesn't do it for me, I think I'd find it annoying. Good job on not killing yourself.
  5. Some_Guy_

    Seagate Buys Maxtor

    Owned all brands of hard drives and I must say I like the Seagates best. Bettern than WD, better than Samsung, etc. That's just personal preference. I can't say I've had a Maxtor live much more than 2 years, and they're noisy as all heck and run freakishly hot. If this makes me a fanboy, then so be it.
  6. Interesting concept, execution good for a trial run.
  7. Some_Guy_

    Wondered What That Noise Was

    Ouch! That piston sure took a beating!
  8. Some_Guy_

    Street Racing And Drifting.

    That's because your logic is flawed. It's not only dangerous to yourself. The problem lies in the possibility of injuring / killing somebody else, who is not necessarily a knowing participant. For that you should give a "."
  9. Some_Guy_

    Psu Connections

    More often than not 24-pin PSUs have the extra 4 pins either slide off or pop off. If they don't (solid 24-pin connector) then you can either use the adaptor, or if there is enough room around your ATX connector you can just plug it in and the extra 4 pins will hang over the edge. I've done it before.
  10. Some_Guy_

    They're Here

    LOL I used to have a Power Wagon - a 1952 M37. Slow as all hell, but loads of torque. The PTO winch was a nice touch, too. Not really unlike this guy, but mine had a split front bumper to make room for the Braden winch.
  11. Some_Guy_

    Cheap People

    Refund the paypal payment and make a second-chance offer to the next lower bidder.
  12. Some_Guy_

    Drifting Video

    You're 17, right? You guys need to drop the "I'm invincible" mentality. Hopefully you'll grow out if it soon.
  13. Some_Guy_

    That Would Do It...

    But the question remains - how the heck would a northbridge spontaneously crack? I think there's more to this story
  14. Some_Guy_

    Civic Turbo Vs Bmw 325i

    Actually, I drive a Hyundai Santa Fe now. But that's not the point. My opinion on the matter has absolutely nothing to do with what I drive, what you drive, or what anybody drives. By driving like a complete and utter moron (be it faster than what's considered safe by law, not paying attention to what you're doing, or allowing yourself to lose complete control of your vehicle) in a place where other people can unknowingly step into the middle of it is not safe. I don't give a flying F what you or anyone else says. It's just STUPID. Grow up and think of what you're doing. Then again, go ahead and do it. Eventually all people stupid enough to street race (or stweet wace?!) will kill themselves and we won't have to worry about it anymore. It's just unfortunate that they'll likely take other innocent people with them.
  15. Some_Guy_

    Civic Turbo Vs Bmw 325i

    Street racing is bad, Mm'kay? I had 1 friend nearly die caught in the crossfire of street racers, and another friend of mine still has a bad back from a run-in with street racers 2 years ago. Take it to the track. Or I will hunt you down and beat you with your pissy little POS car so severely that you'll cry for your mama.