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  1. ok thanks is it possible to move the audio jack to another jack? i.e. black, and then move the black's function to green
  2. lol i was just about to do what voltes said until centy warned me of that see! that's how ignorant i am
  3. i broke the plug for my headset and half of it is stuck wayyy inside the audio jack and i can't pull it out of my DFI lanparty nf4 ultra-d what should i do to get it out? i don't have anything special and don't have the time to waste (for at least 2 weeks O_O) to go out and buy something that can help me get it out (because i wanna use my other headphones, and i can't stick it in because the other part of the headphone's jack is inside) and nothing dangerous please thank you
  4. well i have an nf4 ultra-d mobo from DFI, and if i plug the cord in all the way, sound only comes from the left (all the way into the green i think audio module), i checked the nvidia sound control from the software the mobo came with and when i turned up "left" the sound went up, but when i turned on the "right"the volume didn't change the only way i can get sound from both ends of my headphone is if i plug it half way in, and a lot of the times it just falls out and i have to replug it back in -.- does anyone know how to solve this? ty
  5. when my headphones are plugged into the onboard audio, sound only comes out from one side i have to like somehow pull it out halfway to get sound from both sides, and it's kinda annoying because sometimes in the middle of CS i just lose sound and i have to plug the audio jack back in does anyone know how to fix this? thanks.
  6. anyone know good sony vegas tutorial sites? i'm using it for a school project and i r teh sux0r with it thx
  7. you could try giving that ram a little more voltage? perhaps 2.7 or 2.8 try running memtest86+
  8. hmm well one of my dad's friends got thrown in Jail in taiwan for copying something Intel had
  9. this is a possible ram problem (edit: i'm saying this because the same thing happened to me when i had crap value ram) how many sticks are you using and in what slots? btw, are you using kingston or corsair value ram?
  10. your hDD's are definitely corrrupt (or it's the ram) i've used MANY sticks of kingston ram and not only has it crapped out on me on my dfi lanparty ultra-d, but they also corrupted BOTH my HDD's run memtest86+ for an hour and see how many errors you get
  11. well of course the x600pro is a very, very crappy card, especially for the price (no offense..but it's the truth)
  12. you look at the sticks of ram to see what kind of die you got on your ram the hyperX only comes in BH-5//CH-5 the only hyperX with tccd's are HyperX PC 3200ULK2 (2-2-2-5-1T) (KHX 3200ULK2)
  13. all failing = really bad try raising to vdimm voltages by increments of 0.1V until 2.9V and see what you get in memtest86+
  14. on my karajan module on m dfi lanparty ultra-d, i have to stick my headphones (i have tried many on) about halfway in the green jack to get sound from both the left & right channels if i stick it in all the way, i only get sound from the left channel what's going on?
  15. how is that 6800 $600+ just get 2x 6800GT for around $750 or so
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