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    Keyboard + Pepsi Max

    He has a 17 year old daughter...a sticky keyboard is the least of his problems. Get another(keyboard), grab your socks and hope that's the worse you have to endure. *disclaimer I have 3 daughters, ages 1, 10, and 15...
  2. Main rig: Logitech Wave keyboard and Special Edition BF2142 Logitech G5 mouse Backup rig: Logitech Elite LE keyboard and Razer Diamondback mouse Laptop (when at home) : Logitech Media Elite keyboard and Logitech MX620 wireless mouse
  3. Cobia69

    Battlefield Heroes: free TF2 rip-off?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battlefield_Heroes The trailer on the official site is quite funny. Wonder if it'll run on my work laptop...productivity be damned!
  4. I've run them in SLI, as well as single in both upper and lower. In XP Pro SP2 and SP3, XP64, and Vista 32. They work, they rock, and there is nothing else I can tell.
  5. Cobia69


    http://www.destructoid.com/live-the-dream-...ow--64293.phtml No word on if it comes with drugs and groupies...
  6. Cobia69

    OC'ing with nTune crashes control panel

    Definitely load up RivaTuner to adjust the fan speeds if your temps are whacky. I used it and set at 45% with minimal noise increase with two 8800GT cards as I didn't want to touch the BIOS's yet. I'm not OC'ing at all at the moment.
  7. Cobia69

    Frontlines: Fuel of War beta

    Played some of it today. Much better since the closed beta. Still alot of issues though. Having worked as a tester with them before in DC, I can claim they do listen to the testers. There are some interesting concepts going on with this, but I'm a bit on the undecided side at the moment. I have to give them some kudo's to the fact that they are really stretching out the testing in a public manner compared to most studios. They do understand the value there, but, I'm wondering if the engine was the wisest choice right now with the amount of things they have explored with it. I guess time will tell.
  8. I'm currently running 2 EVGA 8800GT KO's in SLI on a DFI NF4 SLI D. They work, they smoke my prior single 7900GT KO. In comparison to a EVGA 680i board and Intel CPU, of course it would be better, but.. it is what it is. I can play Crysis on all high (objects on medium) just fine. A single card is just as close in fps, but with more swing in framerates at times. It works, 1st slot 2nd slot, single card. And as well as 2 cards in SLI. If one is completely worried about benchmarks, then build a new system. Otherwise, I'm telling you it's more than fine. You won't be disappointed unless you are hung up on comparing, not actually playing!:nod:
  9. Cobia69

    Frontlines: Fuel of War beta

    Yes, this is the core team from Trauma Studios, headed by Frank DeLise. They also worked as consultants and R&D for BF2.
  10. Cobia69

    The Official Nvidia 8800 Series Thread!

    Here's some pictures from earlier when checking fit. First one is of the 8800GT KO in comparison to my 7900GT KO This one shows the clearance with one card in the bottom vid card slot. Clearly you can see it sits above the battery, but doesn't affect the SATA connections. Here just with one 8800GT in the top slot using an angled SATA cable to still have access to the outer of the top two SATA mobo connections. Obviously I've lost use of the inner one. I tried using another angled cable there, but it lays over the top of the chipset fan, and won't allow the card to seat properly. Finally checking the fit of both cards installed. Clearance to the USB header for the front of the case is a bit tight, but not pinching. The top PCI card (audigy) has to be moved to the bottom, and I'll have to move the modem (used for faxes) to another rig. I've pulled it all apart and cleaned the dust out (was time again!) Going to run benchmarks with a single card in top, then bottom, then both in SLi for comparision.:drool:
  11. Cobia69

    The Official Nvidia 8800 Series Thread!

    OK...Bottom slot, 8800GT fits, clears the SATA ports fine, little tight on the USB header. For the top slot, SATA3 (the one closet to the card slot) is definitely in the way. The one next to it could probably work, but why would you want to have them rubbing like that. Now, I tried using some angled cables and this is what I found. SATA3 plug, is a no go, the cable turns towards the upgraded chipset fan and keeps the card from seating properly. The SATA4 plug with an angled cable..perfect fit! End result, you loose 1 SATA connection. For me, not that big of a deal, I can move the RAID down to the bottom 2, and the 320gig up on the angled cable. I lost use of my SATA DVD Burner, but I have an extra IDE one. Another thing, the bottom card definitely needs the top PCI slot free, otherwise not much room for airflow to the fan. Edit, I do have pictures, will post in a bit. I've got a rug rat to attend to.
  12. Cobia69

    The Official Nvidia 8800 Series Thread!

    I'm on my way to grab one of the 2 KO's. Pretty sure looking at everything the top slot is going to be out. It's alright though, just another reason to finish getting the parts to build a new rig. I'll let you know shortly.
  13. Cobia69

    The Official Nvidia 8800 Series Thread!

    I have 2 of them, but lent them out to ExRoadie to play with first. I'll let you know as soon as I can pry them back from him. It does look like it will be right on top though. Not sure if some angled cables will clear either.
  14. Cobia69

    Computer on the wall? CRAZY?

    Intel on the Outside
  15. Cobia69

    Razer HP-1 Headset $49

    It's a Woot!off. The items sell out fast and are replaced with new ones continuously until the Woot!off is over. During a Woot!off, I find it useful to run wootsnoop. http://www.wootsnoop.com/pages/downloads/windows.htm I have it setup to email directly to my blackberry the instant a new item comes up so I don't miss a really good deal. Even with that, it's hard as some items sell out within minutes.