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  1. Probley an easy question My computer goes to sleep after 2 hours and when it resumes, my oc is lost, normally i run 250mhz htt but on resume its down to 200mhz. Is it just a simple setting i change? thanks
  2. your going to have to give full system specs before anyone can help you, thier supposed to be in your sig.
  3. Well geil has some PC-4000 at 2.5-4-4-7 for $131 at the egg, but i'm not sure if its going to play well, and was wondering if anyone else has found good stuff on the cheap.
  4. Howdy folks, I sold off the hynix in my sig and am stuck with 512mb of crucial 2700 at the time being. I'm looking for something that will do 250mhz 1T 2.5-3-3-8 or better, not killer timings but good enough. I'd probley like to go PC 4000 so i can rma without feeling guilty if it doesnt do 250, but i would do 3200 if its safe bet to hit 250. These DFI boards are pretty picky so i figured i'd post and ask for what people think, what ram people have had sucess with. I'd like to hang around $150 for a price. Thanks folks!
  5. i bet your running the 1/25 bios, it did it to me too, nab the new 3/10 bios and it'll be fixed.
  6. The only way to overclock the CPU and not the memory is to Raise the multiplier (which only an A64 FX can do) or run a divider, thats why you should run a 5/6 divider, HTT @250mhz x (5/6) = 200mhz Memory speed. By Defualt the board runs 1:1, meaning when you upped the HTT to 235 it ran the memory at 235.
  7. most likely your ram stopping you from booting at 235mhz. Try to run a divider at 5/6 and see what kind of results you get, you could probley run a divder at 5/6 and hit 250x9 with 1.5v's fairly easly, but be careful and monitior your temps and slowly build you way up to the big numbers.
  8. i read that in the anand article but i thought the new nvidia drivers broke that.
  9. It fits a x16 card, but runs a 2x speed, just like a 16x slot runs at 8x in sli. Its phsycially keyed for 16 lanes, but runs at 2x in the standard config and when jumpers are set to SLI it runs 8x. You can check out the anandtech article about modding the ultra to an SLI, it show you that the second slot is 2x and what performance is lost (not much) by 2x mode. EDIT: I just tripled checked and i was right, check page 68 and 69 of the pdf manual in standard mode the config is top slot-1x first vidcard slot-16x middle slot-1x second vidcard slot-2x jumpers on sli it is top slot-4x first vidcardslot-8x middle slot-N.C. (dead) second vidcard slot-8x both configs give us the 20 lanes the nforce4 supports.
  10. I thought the top one was 16x and the bottom one 2x, and when in SLI mode they both run 8x, i remember reading the nforce4 chipset itself only supports 20 pci-e lanes, and that the new nforce4pro for socket 940 will support 32 lanes. EDIT: I just checked the manual and the bottom 16x slot does run at 2x speed in standard mode.
  11. Howdy Andy, its not TCCD but i have another OCZ memory kicking my butt on the DFI. OCZ PC 3700 EL, Part #OCZ4661024ELDC-K . Refuses to run 233mhz, doesnt go beyond 208mhz. Read about it here http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6684 any ideas as to whats the cause of my gremlins?
  12. Well assuming the bios is right, (sure hope so) Smart Guardian is right what i learned BIOS CPU = SMART GUARDIAN CPU = EVEREST AUX BIOS CHIPSET = SMART GUARDIAN CHIPSET = EVEREST CPU EVEREST CHIPSET = SMART GUARDAIN PWM IC
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