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  1. Mine seems to work just fine. I can play DVDs, MP3s, and the built in MS Games. What can't yours do?
  2. i can 2nd acronis true image, i use it as well. And also use the boot manager w/ hidden partition.. works great, recognizes raid arrays without the need for added drivers. it can even see network storage devices as well, so you can back up your whole system, including the hidden boot manager partition, as well as your other true image backups to a network device - which is what i did to play with vista. after i get done giving up on vista seeing my raid array, i can just boot from the rescue cd and restore my whole system the way it was before playing around
  3. something i have noticed is that when i try to install vista on to my raid array, and the drives show up as 2 x single drives, one of the drive shows an message in vista as saying the drive is not bootable... blah blah blah.. and the other doesn't.. and i think if i switch with drives are on which sata channel the message follows the drive. i've installed WD diagnostics for windows and checked each drive out, checking the firmware versions of each drive, and low level formatting each one.. then i guess i will try once more. EDIT: hmm, same firmware rev #'s 720.D872.. wrote 0's to both drives.. guess i will try one more time... but it seems doubtful it will work EDIT again: Nope.. didn't work. tried other bioses too.. no matter what vista will not see my raid array.. even if i have vista on a single drive, and my raid array connected - in windows it shows as single drives and not the array even thought the nvida raid drivers show up in device manger.. but in the device manager the raided drivers don't fall under that if you view by connection. It just has to be some incompatability between my motherboard and vista. it is like it is not reading the bios/raid bios info at all and thinks they are setup as single drives
  4. nope, haven't tried it. really never had a need as i never had any problems setting up my memory (my sig is kinda outdated.. have team group cronos infineons). I just tried loading the drivers from a floppy, no difference.... but i did see something change.. i deleted my array in the nvida (f10) menu, and recreated a fresh array and now vista sees both hd's, but never sees an array no matter what i do. (i've never had any issues setting up any raid arrays in win xp) i can't think of anything else to try.. maybe there are just differences in motherboard/chipsets?? (my expert if pretty much from release of the board)
  5. i did try it with the original sata floppy that came with the motherboard. but forget if i tried it using the latest and creating a new floppy. i just tried latest offical dfi expert bios - same problem.. doesn't see my array and only shows 1 of my raptors. tried it on sata ports 1 &2, and 3 & 4... no change. guess i will try one last time with a floppy rather then usb drive.
  6. well it didn't work that time either... creating bios disk with latest expert bios right now (maybe vista doesn't like my venus bios). gonna flash it, then retry. if this doesn't work, then i guess i give up lol
  7. i just deleted all the partitions of my usb key and created one partition and it is totally formatted with just the contents of the 6.86 sata_ide and sataraid folders. gonna give it another try.. if this doesn't work i guess i try a different bios or something.
  8. yeah, i have followed that guide on a few attempts.. but it still never saw my array. i guess i will give it another go. which drivers did you go with, the vista beta 2's or the latest win xp (rc1 doesn't even have sata drivers)?
  9. has anyone gotten raid to work on build 5728, or 5744 for dfi expert mb? i currently have them connected to nvidia sata ports.. and no matter what i have tried it only sees one of my raptors. just curious if anyone has gotten this to work.. don't want to keep trying if it is impossible.
  10. it helps to read the helpful replies people gave ya means you gotta contact DFI i guess
  11. I know your not in standby when your PC is off (softoff). But if you go into device manager in windows, goto the network adapters portion, select your nic card, goto properties, and then power management tab. and see if the check box that allows the device to bring the PC out of standby is checked off. This might not be related at all, but if you have this checked off any network activity wakes the PC from standby mode. sorta like is happening to you, but different. again, it most likely isn't related, but might be a long shot to try.
  12. Stating it will NOT work, was the untrue part. It will work, but I did say it is better to install a fresh copy of windows. I only use that drive when I first get a motherboard and it is setup on the motheboard box, just to insure everything works okay before put everything together to find you have a problem. I reinstall windows on my main system religously, just because installing and removing all the programs that I play with makes windows all bloated and filled with useless registry settings, ect. Starting with a fresh install is always the better way... it's one less variable to troubleshoot. But it will boot up with your old opsys, if you need to test stuff - I'm not trying to start a debate. win 2000, and server editions are a different story - those don't like huge hardware changes, but XP is forgiving.
  13. it will work, i've done it plenty of times. i have a separate hard drive that i use for testing purposes on all my various motherboards, with the same install of windows XP. it's been used on my dfi expert, asrock dual-sata, sapphire PI-A9RX480, and some others as well. it will just find new hardware (chipset) upon loading into windows. While I don't use it for my main system drive, only for testing/overclocking new boards, ect. It's probably best to do a clean install, but it does work just fine.
  14. another thing you will need to check for, is that all 4 sticks are identical - same brand, same model, same rev (basically same spd info). if you can boot into windows with just 2, use cpu-z to check the ram spd info, to insure all 4 sticks have the same info. From what i've read, dfi boards won't detect all 4 sticks if the spd info is different amoung the sticks... but I only thought that effected available memory total in windows, and didn't prevent the system from booting.
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