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  1. So far I have tested the ram and cpu on another working system without any issues. I will test the GPU when I am done, which would leave some fault with the mobo. This system was a fresh install, only drivers and testing/diag software installed. ^_^_^
  2. Any luck with finding some stable ram? Thx for the Sisoft Sandra tip. I have been running Orthos for 17+ hrs since yesterday on one memory module in slot 2. The temps haven't gone above 50°/60° at full load. I will run this for a full day then swap memory and finally test with both modules. I haven't found much info on this, but does anyone know why my CPU is showing such a large temp discrepancy between the cores? I may try and reseat the water block, but it is snug and is making good contact right now. ^_^_^
  3. This is my first post, hello to all. I recently put the below system together, but have had issues of random shutdowns. DFI Lanparty UT SLI-DR Expert Opteron 170 (LCB9E 0652 WPMW) w/Swiftech Apogee GT 2gb PC3200 OCZ EL Platinum 2 x WD1600AAJS hd's (main and pagefile/storage) eVGA 8800GTX w/EK 8800GTX water block Lite-On SH-A167S DVD+/-DL Thermaltake Tough Power 750 Thermaltake Armor (modded) After setting this system up I installed WinXP SP2 without any issues. I then proceeded to install some applications but received errors. CPU and GPU are running at stock settings, ram is The CPU core temps are 30°/40° respectively, which seems a bit odd for there to be a full 10° difference between them. I installed Sisoft Sandra and when I go to get information on the mobo or GPU etc the system shuts down. I don't receive a BSOD or any board leds or alarms, the PSU cuts out and the system just powers off. I get a SidebySide error on Event Viewer, which has to do with some possible corrupt/error'd files in Sisoft Sandra. So far I ran memtest on both memory modules for 8+ hrs without errors. My next step is to swap in a working GPU and processor and see if either of these components are faulty. If all these test fine it would seem the mobo is working and not faulty. I have also had the system lockup after staying on for more then 12 hrs. I would leave the PC running with no apps opened and after returning later in the day the system would be locked up. I would have to hard boot the box, I was unable to ctl/alt/del or get back to the desktop. Any ideas would be appreciated. ^_^_^
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