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  1. Ok I have been trying to burn in my memory, anyways I got 223fsb down to 6 errors or so a loop with 3.3v 2-2-2-5 which is good as it was much higher. Anyways I noticed the errors were coming from the same part of them memory each time (666.6 mb) so just to make sure, I swapped the memory around and suddenly - 7168 errors! So I swapped back just to make sure and once again, just 6. Then to rule out the OC I put it back to stock volts + clocks (200fsb). No errors, but swap the sticks, 900 errors! I have been using the yellow slots as there the ones for high volts I remembered reading.. Can I just ask... wtf?! :nod: Edit: Tried orange slots, at stock no errors, swap the sticks, around 850 errors! Bah! Edit 2: Single memory testing: 3.3v 2-2-2-5 Stick 1) Roughly 245 2-2-2-5 before any errors on memtest (just a quick check with first loop being fine, any higher I get errors on first loop) Stick 2) Roughly 225 2-2-2-5 is max before memtest errors. However this is the new stick which has only had a little burn in (or atleast I hope its the newer stick which hasnt been!) Thanks for the imput Ryder - will see if the weak strong mem/slots works for me. Done this, your right... hmm... oddly enough after my tested, put back to stock volts, clocks, fsb and on the first loop with the 2 in their best setup I got 2 errors, then no more.... Oh and tad annoying that I have to run my sticks AT STOCK a certain way around Also seems incredibly limiting on clocks.. Hope they will burn in better....
  2. For ultra-d motherboard. Vantec Iceberq or Iceberq 4 Both copper, the original slightly lower profile, newer 4 has more fins so should cool better. Only seen 1 example of the iceberq, and a couple of the Iceberq 4 - the 4 (non pro) is the one which fits with no mods correct? or is it here So it does require mods?
  3. unreal

    Corsair value 2gb kit compatibility?

    Oh guys its not for me, someone just wants cheap mem and will put it on a divider... Corsair Value is like the cheapest out there (by a fair margin) and the shops he's using primarily stock corsair and all other 2gb kits at reasonable prices are out of stock.
  4. Corsair value 2gb kit compatibility. Should be ok? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, Anyways I used voltage tables to pick 1.51v, but in bios + CPU-z and MBM it reads 1.49v. Differences appear with whatever voltage is selected, always a bit lower (.2v is alot tho!) Thanks P.s. this happened with Athlon 3200+ Winchester also.
  6. Im in the UK, so everything expensive here anyway Plus my cooler hasnt been noisy at all!
  7. As in, I start pc and it wont move unless I physically start it (as in it will stay like that even when it gets hot) Dont see why I have to pay for a fan when the boards not a year old..
  8. Well, as title really - sometimes when I start my pc up the chipset fan does nothing. Just sits there not moving creating instability until I notice it and start it moving... Any idea why this is and what I can do about it? Cheers
  9. Actually I was just making the point how it is the thread creator who is trying to abuse her gender to get her help. As others pointed out, normal thread like 30 views, her's is like 600.