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  1. i haven't logged onto this site in quite some time...saw a feloow 875p-t owner's thread and that caught my attention...i was going to say that your mobo had an older bios, one that did not support 64-bit. my way around that was i flashed my bios with my old 520, then installed my 640 it sucks that dfi dropped support for this board. i've had this board for over 2 years. it's the best mobo i have had so far. i will be giving up on it eventually.
  2. i had one hell of a time to get my 640 to 4 ghz....that all changed when i changed out my enermax 485 watt psu for an ocz 520....i think what did it was the 28 amps on the single 12 volt rail, versus 18 amps on each of the 2 12v rails...went onto testing dual prime for 18 hours with no errors
  3. i found a good deal on a cooler master stacker case for 132, swapped everything out and the mobo sits on stand-offs and the screw in the same position is cool...in fact, everything is cooler...nice case
  4. it's a handheld device with a laser pointer and i am aiming it at the edge of the copper block of the heatsink, which is the closest i can get to the cpu as possible i dual primed for 18 hours with no errors with the above settings...hardware doc says 62-64 C, but my thermometer read a lot lower by 20 c lower i am very curious about the mobo mounting post...on the mobo tray, there's these posts that the mobo snaps into place with no need for screws and that one by the ram slots is freekin hot...i took the dual 80mm fan cage from the rear of the case and added the 2nd fan and right now, it's aimed at the memory and that mounting post i am happy than a pig in . that i got 4 ghz finally
  5. i have this non contact infrared thermometer and i was taking readings off of the memory and as close to the cpu i can (off of the heatsink) the hardware doc says one thing, but the thermometer says it's lower...i know there should be a difference because of the location of the sensing unit right now i am dual priming at 250 x 16 vcore 1.43 vdimm 2.9 and agp 1.6 hardware doc says roughly 65c thermometer reading at the base of the heatsink is no more than 42-44, the accuracy is listed as +/- 3 degrees here's where it gets weird....the mobo mounting post closest to the memory slot reads 85C...i have no clue how this is happening...any ideas? the rest of the mobo seems fine for temps
  6. 2004 chevy trailblazer vortec 4200 inline 6 285 hp/ 285 torque 4x4 my first 4 wheel drive vehicle and i am happy with it...i just want a supercharger for it now to break 400 hp
  7. besides, there's no chance of overclocking through the bios...software overclock, maybe and even at that you will not be able to do much...not worth the time or effort...branded computers have stripped bioses to prevent overclocking
  8. my problem turned out to be human error...i had a 6 inch patch cable from tv tuner to sound, got a new tuner and did not need the patch cable, somehow i thought i was pulling the patch cable, but i pulled the speaker cable and every time i look back there, a black cable was plugged in and i could not for the life of me figure out why i got no sound from the specific channel, then one day i actually followed the already plugged cable in and found it's other end not plugged into anything...i felt stupid
  9. i highly suggest you pull what you need off of it and start out fresh with a new windows install...i am sure others here would concur "Do I need to give my personal dimensions, too? " only if you're female
  10. nothing special...but i do select "no compression" just before making the backup upon restore, i usually tick off the boxes for MBR,disk signature and the OS boot... ghost sees my 2x 36 raptors as 1 69 gig drive...been using this for over a year
  11. actually, i do have my wd raptor raid0 array ghosted (norton ghost 9), with the backup on a separate drive...can be restored in well under 10 minutes with an approximately 6 gig backup
  12. i bumped it up to 1.4 vcore, booted to windows and here i am i have tried 7-3-3-2.5 before and i get the beeping upon bootup. no, i haven't pushed this memory past it's rated speed, currently 1:1 = ddr500 currently 250 FSB 8-4-4-3 1.4 vcore 2.8 vdimm 1.6 vagp going to start priming in a few ***update**** passed the 12 hour mark of dual prime reported temps below 55
  13. 250 fsb 7-4-4-2.5 1.36 vcore 2.8 vdimm 1.5 agp prime fail after 3 minutes 250 FSB 7-4-4-2.5 1.38 vcore 2.8 vdimm 1.5 agp prime fail after 17 minutes 250 FSB 1.38 vcore 2.8 vdimm 1.6 agp prime fail after 31 minutes 250 FSB 8-4-4-3 1.38 vcore 2.8 vdimm 1.6 agp prime failed after 1 hour 5 minutes temps reported by hardware doc is in high 50's under load, but it doesn't feel hot any advice? i'm think i have some room to up the vcore a little...is there a max agp voltage i should not use?
  14. coming up on the 11th hour @ 240 FSB and still stock vcore...i love this cpu, looks like i am going to be happy with this one, especially if i can get 4 ghz, at 3.8 now. with my previous "520", i tried to duplicate my highest fsb of 245 and i couldn't do it and it took 1.46 vcore at that...i may have to get an all copper heatsink or go to a water cooling kit...i was looking at the coolermaster aquagate mini r80 or r120, it got some pretty good reviews...the r80 would fit inside my case, but with the r120, i may be able to mount on the exterior.
  15. during the 230 FSB priming, i had dfi's hardware doc running and it was giving me around the 60 celsius range ( below 55 with the side off ), but when i reach in and feel as low as i can on the heatsink, it's warm, but not hot.. where is the temp sensor for the cpu?
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