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  1. Ah, I got it going. I used a normal stick of ram that used 2.5v and not 2.8. It flashed properly and booted. Thanks Maarek_Stele.
  2. I'll try it anyways. I've got nothing to lose. Thanks for your time, as it is well appreciated.
  3. Anyone? I don't usually find much help here, even for such a simple question.
  4. I have the smae problem. My BIOS has not yet recovered. I can flash it but the same error message occurs again and again.
  5. Maarek_Stele's got it. Over @ the OCForums, rseven discovered this. The 5.11 LAN driver is not working properly.
  6. Well thats good news. I don't think i can find anyone local to hotflash for me.
  7. Hello chaps, my BIOS has gone and died on me again. The recovery flash doesn't seem to work. After it flashes successfully (after several unuccessful flashes, those red blocks) it just ends back up at the Flash Checksum Error or whatever crap that the bootblock shows to try and recover off of a floppy. Anyways, I was curious as to if it is okay to hotflash with a 939 Ultra-D since they are both NF3 boards?
  8. Set boot device to boot from USB devices. If you look in the bios, you'll see it.
  9. Eh, don't worry about synthetic benchmarks. Theyre usually not terribly accurate. If they were actually going that slow, you would know for sure. Might be your windows install. you know how they get crappy after a couple monthes.
  10. Okay, my BIOS died more than 5 weeks ago, and they told me to ship it to them and theyd reflash and send it back. So, I sent it over and it was received on the 8th of September. It is now the 21st and I have called 4 times, and left a message like it was said to do every time, and I made sure to give my contact info, and no one has bothered to call me back. I am very mad. I need my computer for University. Does anyone have any suggestions, other than spend more money on a new board/bios?
  11. I cannot get into the BIOS to start off. It's corrupt. Bank Interleve was never changed so it just happened out of the blue, and I didn't do a cold boot. Also I fail to see how knowing my location is going to help recover my bios, and the last time I checked, location was not required, just a sig. However, I will comply with it.
  12. Not yet, but I doubt thats the problem. I will test it anyways and report back. New problems have been created. I cannot for the life of me get the computer to run awdflash. It just hangs and the floppy drive stops doing anything after a minute.
  13. Okay, I'll try that. Thanks. Whenever I use the normal disk method it gives me either some error about an invalid command interpreter or it goes to load the flasher and get stuck at a blank screen with a blinking cursor(_). I think the portion of the bios that controller the FDC is screwed up. Ill try the two disk trick anyways. Would I be able to do a hotflash with a Lanparty UT Ultra-D? Theyre both NF3 Chipsets.
  14. Hey everybody. I think my BIOS is dead. I went to restart my computer because I was gettin a bit laggy from it being on so long. When I rebooted, the screen kept getting stuck at the DFI Lanparty Logo. So I decided to clear the CMOS. Well that just made things worse. Now I get that Bios rom Checksum error. I've searched the forums and tried the bootable floppy to flash the bio again but it's not working. It freezes at various parts before it gets into the Diamon Image Flasher thing. Before it got in there okay and I left it for a couple of hours. When i came back it had the Please Wait message still. It wasnt going anywhere. I am going to try an 8 hour cmos clear but I doubt its going to work. Ive tried several floppy disks. I only have one drive and I know its working okay. Any ideas? Could someone go over the exact steps of what I should do again just to be sure? Thanks.
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