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  1. 26c is too low IMO. What's your ambient/case temps? Mine was showing the same temps when my case probe was showing 28c. Finally I've got a board that shows the right temps after two RMA.
  2. Get rid of it before it's too late to RMA to whoever you bought it from.
  3. I don't think a BIOS fix can take care of this problem as none of earlier official or beta BIOS made any difference. If any of you guys are can RMA your boards to the retailer you bought them from then that's the best choise. You will lose 15% but definitely better than waiting for a month or so.
  4. Bottom line you'll have to RMA the board. I tried different PSU and finally I had to get a new board.
  5. I just solved my problem... bought a new board from Newegg and replaced the problematic one with it. What makes me happy after RMA'ing two boards is that the last one shows the correct CPU temp... it's shows exactly what my proble shows.
  6. Anyone found a resolution for this issues?
  7. It's not the PSU. I tried two Modstreams and it didn't work. Also I flashed my BIOS to all beta and official releases and none helped. I think we've got a bad board. I'm RMA'ing my 2nd one next week, and if I notice another problem then I'll switch back to Ultra-D. Never had a board as stable as Ultra-D in my life. I will miss Expert's layout big time, though.
  8. It appears to be our mobo's problem. Damn.. I hate to RMA the 2nd Expert; I'm sick of rewiring the damn case.
  9. I certainly hope so. I don't want to RMA the 2nd board... I might not bother buying another one.
  10. You can say that. It also makes the probe narrower so the edge of that plastic cover will not stand higher than the top of your IHS. I always stick it to the lower right side of the IHS (AMD logo up). It's been always giving me the right temp. Make sure that you stick it on the side so it won't accidentally get stuck between your heatsink and IHS.
  11. 939 does not have room underneath. You can not do that. I strip my probe (remove the plastic protector on metal contacts) and lay it on the side of my IHS (the little vertical edge) on top of a piece of double sided thermal tape, then cover it up with another piece. Temp readout is dead on with my other mobo (nF4 Ultra-D).
  12. QettoE

    Thermaltake Armor

    My case side window is on and off so often that I never bothered looking for it!
  13. It's a common practice. Manufacturers tweak them a little bit and then release them to have an edge over the competitors. I seriously doubt that 7800GTX 256 and 512 have different cores, otherwise other folks will sell them as well. Do you think other guys like XFX don't like the cash?
  14. Why would you wanna do that? They usually OC the regular 7800GTX GPU and add some memory to call it 512. It generates quite a bit of heat so I discourage you from doing that.
  15. I seriously doubt that. Those 512 cards are pretty damn huge.