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  1. Kitfit, how did you get your 850 up to 600 on the core? Nice clock
  2. Sorry for my late response, been quite busy lately. Actually, I had some luck with your Suzuna1.0 bios, could prime at 250+ for hours. Tried your S2-11 today, and couldn't even get my computer to post at 250 2-2-2-11. It just started howling, and I had to reflash to get it up and running again. Very strange since it worked a couple of weeks ago. Also tried loading optimized defaults before flashing the new bios, but same thing happened. I'll try with my rev2 TCCDs later. And I was thinking about giving that 5/05 bios a try. But from what I've read so far, it can be quite tricky to get it to work on some mobos? Do you think there is much to gain from flashing to that bios?
  3. Hehe, been there, done that. I actually bought a couple of Twinmos Speed Premium 3500 UTT-BH5 sticks the same week they were in stock here. At some point, and after over 100 hours of burn-in, I got them memtest stable at 235 Mhz 2-2-2-11-1T, but windows and prime stability was really bad. So I sold them, and went back to my trusty OCZ Rev2's. I think UTT-CH5 is a better choise on NF2 boards. Originally Posted by Clay My mobile seems to be maxed out 2.6 but some more werk it might do 2.7. How can you increase the clock on a CPU without getting some monster cooling and run insane volts through it? Upped the vcore to 2.0V and tried to boot into windows at 257x10.5 earlier today, and almost corrupted my windows.
  4. Thanks again Median, your post was an excellent read I must say. I fooled around with the timings you said, and 11-14 was working pretty OK. It wasn't 100% 3D stable, but as good as 14-16, and a tad faster. But then I tried some other BIOSes that was long forgotten, and dang, Merlins 11/23 was working like no other. Now I'm 3D stable up to 258 or so, at least a 5 Mhz increase from TicTacs or Hellfires 6/19 BIOSes. So I guess I'm at my final goal now, reached the max of my CPU with a pretty decent FSB and low timings. Maybe I can gain a few MBs in memory bandwidth by experimenting with the alphas, but the most important thing is, it's rock stable and faster than ever :nod: The final question is, what the h*** am I gonna do with my spare time now? Or does somebody want to sell me an XP-M that does 2.7 Ghz on air? :drool:
  5. Have tried almost every BIOS I had, and finally, the Discovery 0.3 [EB] 23.11.04 by -=Merlin=- seems to really do the job. Got 3dmark05 to pass at 258 at 3.4vdimm, all the others I've tried failed at about 252Mhz, same voltage. But it's not prime stable at 258Mhz...yet
  6. Hello kitfit and macelius. I've tried changing the agp latency without any luck. I played around with the alpha timings and upped the vdimm to 3.5 or so, and definitively saw some improvement, but 3dmark would still crash now and then. I also experienced some data corruption and decided to back off for now. My graphics card was running at stock speeds. I'm looking for a 24/7 setting, and I don't think running more than 3.5V through my BH6 will be very healthy, although they're actively cooled. Here's a pic of my case: [bimg]http://home.broadpark.no/~ohum/case.jpg[bimg] And one more thing, is there a bios that provides more 3d stability than others? Gonna test all Hellfires, Tictacs etc. tomorrow. Later dudes
  7. Median, thanks for your reply! I was having some problems viewing this thread, the new posts wasn't showing :confused: Anyhow, I'm gonna play around with those timings when I get back from work. I've only tried 13-15 and 14-16 so far, so maybe I'm gonna get better results with one of your suggestions. And I can always try with a bit more vdimm, my mod allows me up to 3.5V or so. I put on some AS5 on my SB, but didn't change the heatsink. It doesn't feel very warm when priming. How do I know if I have to get better cooling? When I burn my fingers touching it, or when it's just feeling warm? Running 2T seems to decrease performance alot, so I think I'm better off raising the MP and lower the FSB a little bit.
  8. Take a look at my sig, they're PC3200 sticks. But I'm not sure if it's the RAM or the chipset/memory controller that's limiting me. I've seen people run 3dmark at 260 and above, but what I wanna know is if there are any mods or extra cooling that can help me get my rig 3D stable at 255Mhz and above, tightest timings possible. My CPU stops at 2570-2580 Mhz somewhere at reasonable volts, so 257x10 is the perfect setting for me. Btw, I have cooled all the mosfets, but haven't changed the heatsinks on the NB/SB. Could that be the problem?
  9. I've seen some of you guys running your rigs at 250Mhz+ with low timings, but how on earth do you get them 3D stable at those speeds? I've gotten my comp prime stable at 257Mhz 2-2-2-11 with CPC on, but 3D stability is very bad. Have to lower the FSB to 251-252 to get 3dmark05 to pass. Is there anything I could do to get it stable at even higher speeds? Thanks for all replies
  10. Any updates? Primed 4 hours yesterday at 257x10 2-2-2-11-1T but it doesn't help me much since 3d-stability is crap over 251-252 or so. Anyone knnow a way around this? Tried everything, changed agp latencies, agp bus speed, alphas etc. Well well, back to the drawingboard.
  11. Any news? Primed for 4 hours today at 257, but 3D stability has gone out the window. Really annoying, since everything else is working nicely. Games will crash after a couple of minutes Tried different agp latencies, agp bus speeds, vagp, alphas etc. but no luck.
  12. Well, I have done some testing on the 2500 IQYHA, and it seems to run 250x10 at 1.825V prime stable. The strange thing is that it won't boot at higher vcore than 1.85. Warmod is in place, but it doesn't help. My 2400 XP-M works fine with vcore up to 2V. My rig is also prime stable at 255x10, but 3dmark05 crashes now and then. Anyone else having this problem? Upped VAGP to 1.7 / 75 Mhz, and ran std clock on my graphics card, but it doesn't get totally rid of the problem. I'm running Hellfire's R2 at the moment.
  13. Ah, finally got it working. The problems seems to be some remaining conductive goop somewhere on the CPU. Cleaned the whole thing thoroughly with some alcohol, and now it's all good. I usually just clean the core and the surrounding area. Finally! An L12-mod was also put in to cure some strange problems with higher FSB as well. Thanks for all your help guys. I will post some results later.
  14. Could it be the PS after all? Is the 45W mobile that hungry for watts compared to the 35W?
  15. Hello, I'm finally back from my vacation. Installed the 2500 XP-M today, but I'm having some real trouble with it. My rig just shuts down after everything from 2 seconds to 3 minutes. I've tried different BIOSes, with L12-mod, with warmod, with both, without any mods etc. but the problem persists. It seems to happen faster at FSB above 200, and vcore above auto (1.775V). But that might be my imagination. The heatsink is installed properly with AS5. Anyone had the same problems? Never had these problems with my 2400 :confused: Neo, the CPU was used. Sorry if the topic was confusing. I'm not sure where to get these new from store, guess they're easier to come by on ebay etc.
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