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  1. I removed keyboard & mouse software but nothing... I think it must be the X-Arcade controller, I should unplug it to see.
  2. I have two problems with this board since the beginning, I don't have a clue to sort them out. 1) My keyboard and mouse from time to time acts strangely, left clicking selects all icons, cannot shutdown windows or apps, keyboard return doesn't work, and other things. Keyboard is a Logitech Internet Navigator PS2 hooked to a X-Arcade joystick. Mouse is Microsoft Intellimouse USB. When this happens I have to push reset button, because it is impossible to restart Windows from start menu. I have Windows XP SP2. 2) From time to time, the drivers for GeForce 6800 GT doesn't initiallize the card, it runs with no acceleration and the fans are at full speed but in device manager it appears as GeForce 6800 GT. Several reboots or reinstalling drivers sort it out. I've tried lots of drivers, even beta. Also I would whant to know if there is a program to lower the speed of fans for the Leadtek card. This is about all the problems I have with the board, they are a bit embarassing, the biggest one being the first, because I do a lot of typing with this rig.
  3. OK, did some quick testing with memtest and this is what I got so far with Ballistix: 2.5-2-2-7 -- 250 mhz -- @2.8v 2.5-2-2-7 -- 255 mhz -- @3.1v 2.5-3-3-7 -- 265 mhz -- @2.9v 2.5-3-3-7 -- 270 mhz -- @3.1v 3-4-4-10 -- 280 mhz -- @2.9v Only the first result was running memtest for 4+ hours, the others are only some Test 5 passes so only orientative. 3-2-2-7 gave me no more mhz than 2.5-2-2-7 So the Ballistix shines in the 250 mhz area, with low timmings and not much vdimm. Using dividers you can achive a good overclock.
  4. My results were with 1T, and haven't tested bandwith with Sandra or Everest. But in memtest I think 250 2.5-2-2-7 was better than 280 3-4-4-10 (lower multi also). What I will try when I get home is how far they go with 3-2-2-7 timmings and 3.2v
  5. For me fixed Ballistix issues, now the ram does a max of 280 / 285 mhz with 3-4-4-10 timmings, with 2.5-2-2-7 haven't tried more than 250, but should be close to 260. I never raised vdimm from 2.8v, I'll try something a bit more extreme to know max limit.
  6. Well it seems this bios likes Ballistix I'm priming right now at 250x10 2.5-2-2-7 so I can use 10x multi again. After checking stability I'll see what is the maximum fsb that can be achieved with this ram. Good work guys.
  7. I will flash it when I get home. Hope this one does good with Ballistix.
  8. I think you should experiment with lower multis and more fsb. The Ballistix I'm running now 244 mhz 1:1 2.5-2-2-7 with 2.7v, multi @ 9, htt 4x, vcore 1.275v. With more voltage and same timmings should do 250 / 255 easy. That is stable with all benchs for days on. I'm using bios 218, it is the same mhz that you're running but more performance. When using multi 10x I have to run the mem async 180/200 divider, 166/200 doesn't work :confused: , for example 260x10, mem @ 234mhz 2.5-2-2-6, 2.7v. OK the Ballistix doesn't run perfect atm but hopefully it is quite usable.
  9. I'm going to flash bios 201 now, I think is the only one having not tried. As your settings with 218 bios it "works" for me, but gives errors in test 4, 6 and also sometimes in test 3. What I noticed is even when running 250x9, sometimes the board reboots after IRQ checking, maybe 1 of 10 times. With 250x10 always reboots. I hope a new bios is Ballistix friendly
  10. I tried HTT multi & LDT voltages, even running 2T with no luck. The BIOS settings I left all by default after loading optimized default & only changed CAS latency, TRAS, RAS precharge, ras to cas & CPC enable. Also tried RGone's settings but it didn't work for me. What we need is someone test new bios with Ballistix ram, not only TCCD & Winbond. This is what my ram does stable, if it is of interest for you to try: 255mhz 2.5-2-2-6 3.0v 250mhz 2.5-2-2-6 2.9v 240mhz 2.5-2-2-6 2.7v 220mhz 2.0-2-2-6 2.9v 265mhz 2.5-4-4-9 2.9v If I was abble to use CL3, I think it could do 260+ mhz with 3-2-2-6 Also I have a question for you, how do you run 2x Leadtek's 6800GT in SLI? The Heatsinks is massive and I suppose you modded them or replaced with another heatsink.
  11. Hi, I'm new to this forum, and would need some help to run my setup correctly. I have also 2x512 Crucial Ballistix PC3200 & some problems with them. Actually I'm running them at 250x9 1:1 2,5-2-2-6 timmings, that is memtest & prime stable. Problem is I cannot run them stable with 10x multi, at least in 1:1 memory settings. I can't run 250x10 1:1, but I can 250x10 with 180/200 divider, what is strange is neither can't run 250x10 with 166/200 divider. This is weird, CAS 3 doesn't work with the DFI, in other boards it's fine. Max overclock stable is 265mhz 2,5-4-4-9, with 3-4-4-10 I know they can do 280mhz, but not on this mobo. Anything more than 200 fsb with 10x multi doesn't load windows, the board keeps rebooting after IRQ checking. I think we need a new bios revision to fix the problems with Ballistix ram, actually I think is very good ram with tight timmings and doesn't need more than 2,9v to shine. I tested the board with 2x256 BH-5, and here all is working flawlessly, every multi, and FSB until 272mhz. Also I tried 2 different winchester 3200+ so the problem must be the board not the processor.
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