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  1. The card is not the problem its the motherboard. I can put the card in any system with any powersupply and it works. With the DFI board it will not even post. I am upset to say the least because now I have to incur a 32 dollar restock fee. I thought a card that was built to the agp spec should work in this board but thats not the case.
  2. I cannot get this card to work in my NF3250GB I am using the newest bios NF3LD623. I also have a 600W OCZ GameXStream PSupply. I have tried the card in an older computer and it will boot just fine. I am frustrated that my top of the line board will not work with this card. If there is anyone who can help me with this problem I would be gratefull. This is very frustrating to say the least. Problem= The computer will not post with this card in. NF3250GB 1GiG Ballistix Memoty 6600GT BFG OC Seagate HD TV Tuner OCZ 600W GameXStream
  3. Well I am happy to report by replacing my motherboard my problem has been 100 percent solved. It boots perfectly every time no matter how long it has been off. I am so happy I could overclock. HEEHEHEHEHEHEH. Anyways I want to say thank you to Angry, and the all people at DFI who have been great in helping me with my problem.
  4. Well after 2 days of no problems I cut the pc on this morning and the boot up problem is back. I am going to monitor it and see if it persists. I just can't believe my luck. Oh and by the way I have not changed any settings since I got the board back. I was going to use it for a couple of weeks to make sure no there where no problems, and then if something occured I would know it was my doing. This is very frustrating.
  5. I want to thank all the members for all there help here. Well I received my board and so far no cold boot problems. I will see over a period of time what happens but everything is working alot better now. Hopefully I will not have anymore problems. Thanks Angry_Games!!!!!. DFI was very helpful. I really appreciate the fact that they are very responsive with the customers
  6. Ok. I haven't overclocked yet If I do will that cause it? Is there a way to prevent it? Sorry for so may questions. You can kill me later.
  7. Thank you very much!!!! That clears up alot. Only one question though I thought cmos loss was caused by a weak battery? What else can cause it? If I have any probs I will let you know.
  8. Well I am a little dissapointed. Found out my board is being sent back to me. They say that there was cmos data loss on my board. When I asked what caused that I was told the tech said I might have set the wrong settings I need to reset the cmos. My problem with that is it has done it from day one I tried diff bios, reset cmos and all the goodies. It still persisited. Why didn't they just send me a new board. I have already been without my board for over a week. I would hate to have to go through this again. Other than that I was very pleased with the whole process.
  9. Well Im on my backup system right know good ole iwill kk266. I am sending the board back tomorrow when I receive my new one I will let you know what happens. Thanks for all the help you guys are great.
  10. Yea Its not like im running 4 hardrives, a 6800gt, pci slots full, and other stuff. Im running nothing but a dvd drive, harddrive, and video card. My rails stay solid under full load checked with multimeter. The powersupply is awesome.
  11. I run ballistix does this only apply to the nf4. If I get another stick of 512 for my board will I have these problems
  12. I understand what you are saying. I was just thinking that having to do that just to get the board to work normal isnt right. I mean it may help but my point is it shouldnt have to be done.
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