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    Chipset Temp

    This chipset fan is garbage. I've removed the fan and installed some AS5. Before installing the the AS5 I believe I was in the mid 50s. (search for my old posts. I haven't posted here in a while but I bitched alot about this fan) I'm now idle at 50 and full load is around 51-52. Other than this fan, this board has been an absolute delight. Not one problem ever.
  2. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6615
  3. Overclocked to 2.65 ghz & CPU @ 1.37 volts I'm around 35-37 idle. I havent run Prime in a while I'm assuming its still 50+ but certainly no more than 54-55c. It is a little warm in here. Just recently started cranking AC in house up. The other day I was idle around 31-34c so I guess ambient temp does have something to do with it. All in all, I'm still not satisfied The guys over at silentpcreview.com pretty much told me I'm not near the "danger" zone and to be happy. I whined about ppl being idle around 25c or so and they said that's just not feasible. Oh well.. Think I'll buy a XP-90 or XP-90c when I get a little extra money...
  4. I'm interested in pics also. Thanks.
  5. Headd

    Ultra-D : newbie watercooling

    I'm having all sorts of problems with temps, even with a XP-120. I won't whine about them here though... Just curious, how much would the entire watercooloing setup cost me?
  6. Headd

    Opinions on current OC?

    I will try to take a few pics of my case later. I have the side off right now and it's quite breezy; down right cold. Idle 30-32c
  7. Headd

    Opinions on current OC?

    I have honestly reseated the XP-120 5-8 times. I am using less than a BB (from a gun) of AS5. There are no wires whatsoever in the way. As I touch the heatsink fans they are warm if that; barely any heat. Someone suggested earlier that the XP-120 could be bad; something about the heatpipes not working correctly. I have now lapped the . out of it, so I'm sure I can't return it... Sigh, maybe I'll try a XP-90.
  8. Headd

    Opinions on current OC?

    I'm not sure where you are referring to? I think you are talking about the BIOS setting; it's 104%, I believe. Concerning the temps, with stock cooling I was very hot. So I bought a XP-120. This lowered the temps by 6 degrees (stock settings). I literally spent hours yesterday lapping it (damn nickel plating), that dropped the temps about 3 more degrees. After I bumped the vcore up, so I could overclock, I'm at 37-38 idle. I've tried arctic silver ceramique and arctic silver 5. Currently running with AS5 on cpu and chipset. I guess I could try a different case; currently using a Super Lanboy. I honestly don't know what else to try. :confused:
  9. Please see this link for all my settings, benchmarks, etc. I tried for 270fsb but windows failed to load. I would assume if I upped the vcore somewhat it would probably boot ok. My primary concern are the temps (unless someone can confirm these temps are perfectly fine). At idle I'm around 36-37c. After 10 mins of priming it was 54-55c. This is warmer than I wanted to be, but I guess I'll live with it. Opinions?
  10. Headd

    Very happy and kind of amazed

    Wow, that cpu is cool. Well done.
  11. Headd

    4 hours well spent

    I've been at it for at least 1.5 hours and I too have a quarter size circle in the middle. I'm assuming this is the nickel I'm trying to remove. My lower back is killing me from standing up all this time; perhaps I'll take this to a table... I must admit this is quite frustrating. I've read some guides that stated 30 mins or a little more. Apparently I didn't know what I was undertaking. I take it eventually this nickel will come off and I will slowly see a mirror-like finish in this copper?
  12. Off topic... 31c cpu 34c chipset :drool:
  13. Headd

    DFI nF4 Ultra-D chipset fan

    What are your current temps?
  14. Headd

    4 hours well spent

    I think I may try this today. Thanks for posting this info. What all grits should I buy? I've seen a list with many: 400 Grit Super Fine Wet/Dry 600 Grit Ultra Fine Wet/Dry 800 Grit Ultra Fine Wet/Dry 1000 Grit Ultra Fine Wet/Dry 1500 Grit Mirror Fine Wet/Dry 2000 Grit Mirror Fine Wet/Dry Then someone else mentioning they went 400/600/1500. I'm sure these aren't gonna cost that much, so if it's better to buy all of them I will. CPU is currently 37-39 idle and 50-52 priming If this doesn't get many much lower I almost think the case is the culprit...