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  1. I hope there is a BIOS update to implement sleep...it is a pretty neat feature. Except that I would never use it...
  2. I wish someone at DFI would acknowledge this problem or at least try to replicate it. I have yet to see A_G or RGone address this. All I have heard is, "Well, I don't use that feature."
  3. Let me know if you get this to work if it is a USB keyboard. I have been trying to find someone with a USB keyboard and remote power-on working, because mine won't.
  4. OK, well I physically moved my whole setup downstairs to the wired router, plugged it in, and bingo, ethernet is working. Looks like it was my WAP the whole time, just very coincidental timing. Thanks for all the help. Mods: This thread can be closed.
  5. I am doing that one more time just to be sure. I am still not convinced, however, that my WAP may have crapped out on me.
  6. Unfortunately it looks like that may be what I am going to have to do. I think the WAP is working fine so I feel like I am about out of options.
  7. Unfortunately, that it is not it either. I have tried both using and not using NAM and the Firewall, to no avail either way. I am now thinking that maybe it is my WAP. Is there any way I can test my ethernet ports to see if they are working properly?
  8. OK, thank you all for the suggestions. I will treat them each seperately: 1. I have repaired both ethernet connections multiple times to no avail. The odd thing is that while the nVidia port cannot even get an IP, the Marvell one can. However, neither one will allow me to connect to the internet. 2. I will try right now installing the LAN drivers on the DFI CD. 3. I doubt I need to do a last good configuration bootup because I already have system restored back toa point before the driver installation. I will try it anyway though. 4. Worm, I don't think your comment was intended for me, but I had some Event ID 51 errors about two weeks ago and then a whole bunch today well after I installed the drivers. 5. A_G, I have tried rolling back to the old drivers and they don't work either now, which really confuses me. I will report back any progress. At this point, I haven't ruled out a bad WAP, but it seems odd that the WAP would happen to fail at the exact moment I installed the new drivers.
  9. Last night I installed, most likely incorrectly, the 6.66 nForce chipset drivers. I immediately lost all functionality in my two ethernet ports. So, I uninstalled the drivers, went into safe mode, ran driver cleaner, and reinstalled the new drivers. Still did not work. I then tried rolling back the drivers on the nVidia ethernet port, the one I am using, to the previous drivers but this did not help. In desperation, I did a system restore to the point before I installed the drivers, but still no luck. Any ideas about what I should do? I have loaded optomized settings in the BIOS, but I don't think that changed any of the ethernet settings.
  10. I found that even with the jumpers set properly, it would not work with USB keyboards. I am still waiting for someone to (hopefully) prove me wrong.
  11. I fyou are using a USB keyboard, I never got it to work. I set the jumper fiddled with the BIOS settings, begged for help here and never got it. Seems it is impossible with a USB keyboard. Curiously, if I plug the USB keyboard into a PS/2 slot with a converter, it works fine. This functionality allows one to wake the computer from an off state or standby mode.
  12. I had the same problem and just gave up. No one seemed to have an answer. Try updating to the latest BIOS.
  13. I couldn't get my computer to hibernate either. I think I ended up just giving up, just like with USB Wake-on-Keyboard...w/e
  14. I agree, and I did not mess around with beta BIOSes until just now when I saw that 6/15 was pulled and that 6/18 provided a fix for the USB keyboard issues I was having. But thank you for the advice...I also know lots of other people are looking for answers to this question, however.
  15. Those people should be telling someone what everything means. This is why I was confused when A_G and Taiwan's descriptions did not jive.
  16. I have seen so much conflicting info on these forums and I am quite new to all this, so I have been very confused recently. Now before I begin, I would like to say that I know that I should try each BIOS to see which one works best for me. However, DFI has, on numerous occasions, through actual DFI employees given designations of memory types to each of the beta BIOSes. If DFI is going to classify them, then I want to know their official classifications, just for information and sanity's sake. So, that said, let me post what I have seen so far on these forums: In the "DFI NF4 BIOS Memory Guide" thread: In the "SEE POST #24 FOR OLDTIMERS>> NF4 Bios 06/15" thread: Angry also commented that he was "sure" about these, which I believe. Seeing this, I flashed to the -2 BIOS Finally, in the "The reply I got from [email protected] on the cold boot issue" thread: This supposedly came from Taiwan/Oskar Wu. So, I don't know who to believe and just want a straight answer. I know there has been a lot of frustration going on on this forum over the cold boot issue, etc., so I don't want to add to it. I expect this to be a friendly discussion with no anger or personal attacks. A_G and RGone run an excellent forum and do their jobs very well. All I desire here is an official answer to this. Please don't tell me to experiement, because if that is the answer, DFI should never have labeled them in the first place. They should have just said try these and find the best one. I would like to know what exactly the BIOS designers intended when they wrote each of these versions. No anger or hurt feelings, just an easy answer to a confused newbie. Thanks...let's keep this clean...
  17. OK...I am once again confused. Just yesterday AG said that the -2 is the general purpose build, -3 is TCCD, and -1 is BTT/UH5...This e-mail seems to refute that! Can we get an OFFICIAL FINAL ABSOLUTE response about this? I know people will say "try each one to see which one is the best for you," but if DFI going to classify BIOSes like they have done here then it should at least be uniform. If DFI's official response is "try each one to your liking" then they shouldn't even try to classify them like this. <>
  18. Thank you very much AG...I would REALLY like this info posted on the BIOS Memory Guide or somewhere official because there is A TON of misinformation going around about these BIOS versions. Thanks again for clarifying!
  19. Orange...I am still waiting for an answer on which BIOS (-1 or -2) to use for TCCD memory tho...
  20. OK, can I get a confirmation on this from AG or RGone? -1 is for TCCD low voltage memory and -2 is for BH5 high voltage memory. I'd like to know for sure before I reflash...
  21. Was the -2 version for TCCD type memory? I have forgotten...
  22. There are a ton of threads on this topic. Please use the search function.
  23. nForce4 SLI Intel Edition BETA Drivers Does this matter? Sorry for the newbiness...
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