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  1. Hi, i just bought a seagate sata 120 gb drive. Im not sure about this: Its a Sata2? (i doubt because i havent done any mod t my mobo). So, whats this? running 150, 300? :m saluts
  2. Hiya all. My problem : "Im unable to install drivers for WDM ATI DEVICES". -> WinXP SP2 (last directx) ; 6.53 nForce mobo drivers. Lets see, i've tryed installing lots of drivers for my X850XT VIVO (5.11, 5.13, 5.14), drivers with "Wdm Bundled in" and standalone (Catalyst , wdm , ccc ) ones. ALLWAYS when i try to install the standalone WDM ones the ATI installation splashcreen apears and says me "You have to reboot to install this", i restart and nothing happens, i try to reinstall after reboot and the same message. (No file is copied) I've been a big time searching solutions at http://www.rage3d.com/board/ (I registered 2 days ago twice with 2 accounts but no confirmation email to activate account recieved :confused: ). I tryed this things (any many more like trying manual install dealing with inf's and lots of crazy things): So it didnt work, and i formated and reinstalled whole sys with the hope that it should go fine. But no, again, tryed to install wdm with out the MoBo drivers and then with the MoBo drivers installed, nothing, allways the same thing about "You need to reboot". A internet friend with the same Graphic card as me passed me this shot, he has an asus MoBo: Ive tryed lots of things and need those ATi WDM devices to capture video, these are my devices: Im Spanish and my english is weird i bet . Thats it, any help will be apreciated.
  3. cecco: wich MoBo? And... i have CH-5, wich bios could be the best? Saluts.
  4. uhmm, are you sure? The case is that Shroomalistic said mines where CH-5 co's of the part number at XS . BTW nm , i think my mem is sort of crazy, i tryed to boot 4 times at 235 and now im in XP with 235 2-2-2-5 (after i even couldnt boot at 220 (SAME SETTINGS!!)), ill give it a prime sesion and just see if the mem adapts to this new freq. Its weird do. Saluts.
  5. Hi, i did a 6 hours memtest test5 at 240 2-2-2-5 3.3v with no errors, but i keep having BSOD's in the attempt of botting XP ... could it be that i had to modify my "original working setup"? (ive tryed do), anyone with CH-5 with a similar experience? How can this be, memtest ok an XP bsod?(Im not forcing CPU so i think it must be a mem issue).. Saluts
  6. Hi. thnx for the reply... they died, died? i mean, i did a 8 hours memtest at 200 2-2-2-5 3.2v with no error.... snif, so weird. Saluts
  7. Sorry, i ment CH-5 !!!! Hi all, this is my story: I had some Mushkin CH-5 with my DFI NF4 245 2-2-2-5 3.4V CPC ON superstable , i pulled out their HeatSinks (dindt doit to gentle) and then i tested 255 3.5v ... I booted XP and BSOD .. i Thought : "Nice try" . So then i reverted to my 245 3.4v rocksolid config... "YAY! BSOD!" , then i tryed memtesting , and... ERRORS!!!! so i thought "Oh my, ive killed my mems in the attemp of neaking it or i fryed them with those 3.5v" :drool: . So the next was putting stock 200 2-2-2-6 3.2v CPC ON , it rans fine, no errors and XP stable... :angel: So.... what can i think about this... i cant even OC to 220 or 210 with my previous settings.. :confused: so im wondering , Maybe my mem's are OC-Killed? Could a re-burning method help me? Any clue? Thats all, thn in advance :cat: Saluts.
  8. Hello, i have exactly the same problem, i've cheked the HD in another PC and its fine, mines is seagate 60GB. Saluts
  9. Hi all, the thing is that i retried installing Omega (with a fastwrite off option) from last CCC drivers (brand new), now i dont hear that buzz, the case is that now i hear it when i launch AtiTool's 3dview, uhm, the thing is that in OMEGA's www they say to dont launch Atitool cos it will override Omegas settings (red it just now), that might be the prob. Uhm, i thouth i had read that all this fastwrites apperture things where AGP thingys, do you see possible to affirm that fastwrites where the prob?. (it's strange havent found this issue in the forums). About my PSU, his web is sort of Flash thingy, cant put the exact link to the "tech. specs section" , heres a c&p: Technical Data 470W / 520W: - MODEL - BQT P5-470W-S1.3, ATX / MODEL - BQT P5-520W-S1.3, ATX - Two 80mm silent fans 24-/20-pin mainboard connection - Extra VGA/HDD & PCI Express Protector - Compatible to mainboard specifications ATX v2.1 & v2.2 - Compatible to mainboard specifications BTX v1.0a - E-ATX Ready (Compatible to E-ATX dual mainboards, EPS 8-pin connection) - Maximum stability, max. tolerance of 5% on +5V, +3.3V and +12V lines - High-performance @ 12V: +12 Volt rail with particularly high power - Active PFC here is fast review: http://www.xtremeresources.com/modules.php...nt&id=43&page=3 European's forums saying its a killer psu, i see its not too famous out here Saluts
  10. HI, surely, if you want a big case stacker is a great option, i've bought an Antec SLK3000B, very cheap and very interior-nice desing, good ventilation and hiden space's to put wires, well, if you are lookin a good ventilated, cheap, standart size, not fashion style, quiet case this might be the one, theres a review at silentpcreview.com . btw dont trust me too much, due i have only had 3 dif cases in my life hehe. Saluts.
  11. Hi Thunda, this buzz is very weird, it only appears when i run a "shader related" 3dmark05 test, it hasent appeard during gameplay, buy i havent played too much (lets say, Splinter cell 2 and doom3). My PSU, Be Quiet, should be more than suficent, ive tryed using the adapter provided in the Sapphire bundle and the PCI-EX power cord from de PSU, ive also tryed diferent drivers (omega and last CCC) an nothing. !?! Saluts.
  12. Hi Guys, the case is that my Sapphire X850XT makes a electric BUZZ (non fan related!) when i run some 3dmarks05, its really upseting! Well, ive searched abit in google, no response, willing if it was a MoBo related tweak thingy... maybe PCI-EX Freq? (i've tryed from 100 to 105mhz) , in any cases, does some one has/has ever had/has listened any similar prob? Thnks in advance! :cat:
  13. Hi i'm having some prob's tweaking my rig, i see the NB +1.5V at 1'58V , its bad for stability this v? saluts.
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