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  1. I have a Key Tronic USB keyboard, and while F8 does get me into Windows Safe Mode, the up/down arrow keys don't move the cursor to select different startup options. I found I can turn off Num Lock and use the 8 and 2 numeric keypad keys to make selections as a workaround. When I clear the CMOS I still end up needing a PS/2 keyboard to get into BIOS apparently, so I am regretting getting a USB keyboard at this point. You'd think USB would work by now, but no... doesn't matter which board or computer, USB is fraught with incompatibilities.
  2. What did you use for your stripe and cluster size when you set up the RAID and formatted the drives? You can use the BIMG tags to link to a picture using a URL, or add it as an Attachment to your post.
  3. There is a newer version from ITE but it doesn't seem to work with the nF4. Apparently the one that comes on the DFI mobo CD-ROM is special. The newer version has the same startup problem, so no relief there. It insists on running at startup regardless of Options, and it insists on adding the autostart to your registry every time it runs. I suppose you could create a shutdown script that deleted the autostart registry entry but that seems entirely too much work. I've been using Speedfan 4.23 instead. It doesn't pick up the VDIMM and Chipset voltages, but all the other sensors work and it has volt/temp/fan graphing features which are very useful. And it's well-behaved about running at startup only when you ask! MBM5 with the soundx98 configuration is another good substitute for SmartGuardian.
  4. I only get 5311 3DMark05, so 5000 is quite respectible for a 6600!
  5. In the picture "cpu mods 016_002.jpg" it looks like the case had casters on the bottom. Was that true? Nice lighting
  6. I'm glad you resolved the BIOS settings issue, but what held you up? I know it might be embarrassing, but it could help other owners out to know what you were doing wrong. Also, please click on the User CP link on the top-left, then click the Edit Signature link and fill it out it with your system specs, preview until you're happy. We'd like to see what you are running!
  7. I agree, that Testors did a sweet job for you! Auto show quality :cool:
  8. Thanks AG, I got that impression too from the HD bench wars in Off Topic. I'll hold off until the dust settles
  9. 6270 3DMark05 is very nice indeed! Congratulations on your build and a sweet rig! With scores that good, I'd just run Prime95 Blend overnight and call it a job well done if it comes up with no errors
  10. On a similar topic, can you use Norton Ghost to back up your XP OS RAID partitions, re-format and re-stripe, then restore and reboot? I don't want to waste money on Ghost if it doesn't work with RAID.
  11. Always best to connect all 4 plugs at all times, they are just being polite when they say "Power delivery might be insufficient".
  12. chopper, from what I can gather this problem is mostly associated with Winchesters and temps below -20°C. Some people think it is the 90nm core, so maybe a San Diego would have the same problem, while Newcastles may be less prone to the issue. Other people have no problems with sub zero and Winnies, so it's not a 100% kind of thing. I haven't seen reports using AMD mobile or Sandy 90nm's yet with sub zero cooling, so the jury is still out on that. However, if it is something that can be cured with the right BIOS settings, your DFI BIOS has more flexibility than any other board out there, and the components are top-notch. I'd lean toward trying some cheap Newcastles and see if you can find a sweet one to super cool, or wait for more data on the new cores.
  13. That was on the MSI board, this is a different fish. It's never been completely isolated down to the CPU vs. MB level, since not enough people have tried what you are attempting with enough chips and boards. For now, it's just a mystery and your mileage will vary from install to install.
  14. Is it just me or does it seem that many posts on this and other forums include the question/statement, "So you agree my XYZ is bad and I should RMA it?" Does everyone RMA things except me? I wonder how much you and me end up paying indirectly for all those RMA's. From what I can gather with AG's experiences, probably over 95% of RMAs are unnecessary, and I bet it adds 5-10% to the price of your mobo, CPU, RAM, PSU, etc. Including better manuals probably wouldn't change much, since RTFM or following directions is out of style. Maybe we need better tools, RMA Pro 2.0! It runs a fast analysis, declares all of your components as faulty, then emails out a batch of RMA requests, and includes a mail-in rebate for 10% off of a new Dell workstation
  15. Why are there so many Corsair XMS owners out there? Was it a popular RAM in pre-nF4 days?
  16. Interesting that the ants prefer one HDD out of four. I wonder if there is some sort of tasty (to an ant) adhesive or grease leaking out of that one?
  17. You might try the Marvell controller and see if you have the same DHCP issue.
  18. 2640MHz seems to be about the stable limit for my CPU while keeping voltages within AMD specs, see sig.
  19. Oops, my mistake, you are right. Turns out I don't have a DFI badge with my Ultra-D, it was an Enermax badge that came with the PSU that I didn't look at too closely. Sorry for the confusion.
  20. Many thanks John, this is the best compilation I've seen yet! That timing diagram made a lot of things click into place for me.
  21. If Adelphia goes belly-up you can always re-open your shop
  22. Check the #3 sticky at the top of this section (http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3393) starting around Post #9.
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