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  1. I can get my LAN to work with either the nVidia or Marvell LAN, but the nVidia LAN gives me a DHCP warning in the System Event Log every reboot. Basically, it's complaining that my router isn't ready to serve the DHCP, or the network connections aren't stabilized enough to ask for DHCP yet. Also, if I try to use IE to browse websites right after boot, I get a "Working Offline, Try Again?" warning. Trying again always works. Also, waiting 5 minutes and then launching IE works without warnings. It is as if the network is just confused for awhile after a boot, but eventually works it all out. I suspect the DFI system just boots into Windows faster than Microsoft expected anyone to boot.
  2. Try the nVidia sound drivers instead of the Realtek. Overall, I've been happy with the Karajan daughter board audio, it's a bit better than a SB Live! but not as good as an Audigy.
  3. Hey, that's rocking! I was thinking of ghosting the DFI-STREET.com watermark under the OC DATABASE balloon, but this works too Diamond Flower, someone needs to do a crystal raytrace of a flower...
  4. Those timings look really tight. Trrd of 2 sounds low, try 3, and Max Async Latency of 5 seems a bit optimistic, try 7 or 8ns. Check out the Corsair Value RAM threads using the search feature in this forum, or Google. Failure at the 5% point of OCCT Test is normal, it means you can idle fine, but as soon as the load hits you failed the test. Check the timer, normally OCCT Test lets you idle for 60 seconds to set a baseline temp, then starts ramping up the CPU load to 100%
  5. I finally got a copy of ATTO so I can submit some results on my Raptors. ATTO bench of 3GB C: pagefile/boot partition, 16k stripe/4k NTFS clusters: [bIMG]http://vistadfi.home.comcast.net/bench/attoc200505211402.png[/bIMG] ATTO bench of 100GB E: data partition, 16k stripe/32k NTFS clusters: [bIMG]http://vistadfi.home.comcast.net/bench/attoe200505211407.png[/bIMG] HD Tach 32MB bench: [bIMG]http://vistadfi.home.comcast.net/bench/hdtach200505211501.png[/bIMG] It is interesting how close the ATTO read/write speeds are for block sizes over 32k. I expected writes to always be slower than reads. I also expected the 16k stripe and 32k NTFS clusters on the 100GB partition would hurt performance more than it does (about 8% slower). Overall I'm very happy with the performance and noise level... we will see about reliability. I usually get one HDD failure every 2-3 years of 24/7 use, usually because of a cooling problem that cooked the drive. This Lian-Li case has excellent HDD bay cooling, so I'm hoping my array will last at least 2 years.
  6. I get that code right after RAID detection too. Like you, sometimes the code appears at the top of the screen, other times at the bottom. I suspect it's a checksum or firmware version code and not some sort of warning or error message. This is with the 310 BIOS, which BIOS are you using?
  7. That is interesting! I agree with Smoken Joe that we don't have PCI slots to spare for a PPU, but building it into the chipset for an XBox or Playstation would be awesome! Imagine what they could do with Grand Turismo or GTA then
  8. The Aura use to be about $10k with all the extras like the High-Speed rotation motors LOL, Some of the cheaper models were in the $5-6k range :eek2:
  9. When the fat lady sings, you know your board is dead. I figure we are ages away from the Last Starfighter BIOS for this mobo.
  10. I tried raising LDT and Chipset voltages above the defaults, and I cannot see any stability or overclock improvements by doing so with my rig. My HTT tops out at about 2630Mhz DDR, so 2500 might be the max stable HTT and I keep it under 2000 for 24/7 use at stock LDT and Chipset voltages. I do see temperature increases when I overvolt the LDT and Chipset. Like AG, I try to keep things down to under 60°C, though I can get my GPU a bit over 71°C if I really work at it.
  11. The same concept applies to air-cooled heatsinks like the XP-90/120. Pushing might lower your CPU temps but at the expense or your RAM/Chipset/PWMIC temps. Pulling is more efficient assuming you can exhaust the heat, at least in my testing with the case side off or on and the CPU HSF in both directions.
  12. Get the NEC ND-3520A for $50 at NewEgg instead of the Plextor PX-716SA at $140, you cannot go wrong with this DVD/CD burner: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16827152040 Replace the ASUS Silver 16X DVD-ROM with another NEC if you really need two DVD/CD burners Western Digital Raptor WD740GD at NewEgg saves you another $7: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16822144160
  13. AndyOCZ, that's just awesome! Hats off to you guys for meeting and exceeding the status quo for enthusiast support
  14. tristancarton, they look nice! You might be able to clean out the screen coating scratches using a soft towel and some dish soap, if not you still got a steal of a deal! They look flat and reasonably sharp, what more could you want?
  15. I'm really in love with this PoeticTech workstation, but it is a bit spendy: http://www.poetictech.com/aura/index.html Currently I'm using a Costco $50 Bulk Executive Faux Leatherette Chair. I'm also eyeing the Herman-Millers. Any thoughts? My back is killing me :sad:
  16. Yes, I was surprised too, my new sealed DFI mobo from Newegg had the time set at something close to the right time, given timezone differences.. Apparently DFI actually boots the boards up and sets the CMOS before shipping. Thumbs up for that! If you clear the CMOS you are back to Date Zero, remember to reset the clock!
  17. Check Post #8 here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1463
  18. Are the beeps coming from the onboard speaker like a POST beep, or through your regular speakers?
  19. OCCT depends on having Speedfan, MBM5 or some other external sensor program running first to feed it readings for the digital readouts and graphs. It will run without a sensor program, just no monitoring.
  20. Yeah, it's hard to get much above 5000 3DMark05's without an SLI setup.
  21. They are the block of big jumpers between the two PCI-E slots. Starting on Page 68 of the PDF manual has some nice diagrams, charts, and pictures
  22. If you use the PCIE4 slot for your video card on the Ultra-D it will run at 2x until you use the jumper tool and move all the SLI/VGA Select jumpers to their alternate position. Then you will get x8 speeds.
  23. Hey, thanks for the tip about SmartGuardian John! I tried some variations of that idea but not that exact sequence. I'll give it a try and report back! Edit: That works! After doing the clean reinstall, reboot. SG will startup automatically. Click Option, Advanced Tab, uncheck "To Execute Smartguardian Automatically At Startup", click Apply and Ok to close the Option dialog. That made the settings stick for me. If you launch SG immediately after install and try to turn off the autostart, it will still load next boot. Again, I'm very grateful John, I owe you a drink sometime
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