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  1. I purchased an S12-600 watt from ewiz about 7 months ago for my DFI Ultra D, it was revision A2 and always made an electrical screech noise when first turned on. After 7 months of use, it would suddenly take 2-3 pushes of the power button for the computer to turn on. Then, it wouldn't power it up at all. I rma'd the unit and received another A2. This one won't even power the board long enough for me to get into the bios screen. I swapped out the Seasonic for my trusty Fortron Blue Storm, and the DFI fires up EVERY TIME. I hooked up the replacement S12-600 to my other NForce4 board (eVGA) and it too refuses to boot with the Seasonic. It sometimes will get into the bios screen and then it just shuts itself off. I moved my Blue Storm over to the eVGA; and wallah, it boots up first push every time. I'm extremely angry at Seasonic. I paid $30 bucks to ship it 3 day to the rma center where it was sent back ups ground, a total of 3 weeks without a power supply for my main pc and the replacement is worse than the unit I sent them. I've sent several emails to support about my replacement being bad, I have yet to receive ANY answer.
  2. I don't mean to hijack this thread but I've also been having issues with ram in my DFI Ultra D. I sent back the Crucial Ballistix and just tried OCZ 3200 EL Plat Rev2 and am still failing test #6 on memtest86+ 1.51 I'm growing very tired of this and wish someone had an answer... I've also used Microsofts "Windows memory tester" which also runs in dos. Fails that too... What gives?
  3. I too have fiddled with the Ballistix 3200 on my Ultra-D. No joy. I cannot get it through more than 6 minutes of mem86+ (newest) without errors. I first put the ram in one of my P4 rigs, and it ran mem86+ for 2 hours with no issues, which led me to believe it was the DFI board. I then tried each stick seperately, one failed in 10 minutes, the other ran for 20.. I give up, I'm RMA'ing the memory and trying something else. I don't think it's defective, I just don't think this board plays nice with it. I tried many timings and voltages up to 3.0.
  4. I can confirm this. I just built my Ultra-D yesterday and I initially used the drivers from the CD and had no issues with the NVidia Lan. I "upgraded" today to the NForce4 Standalone Kit (6.39 I think) off of Nvidia's site and the connection not only ran at a max of 500k but it would disconnect saying the media was unplugged every few minutes. I first tried going into the control panel and rolling back the driver for the NVLan, it still didn't work. I then re-ran the NForce drivers from the CD (6.37) and the NVLan works fine again now. Full speed and no disconnects. ------------------------------------------ DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra D A64 3500+ 1GB Crucial Ballistix PC3200 @ 2.8v (2) WD Raptors (74GB) in NVRaid 0 Asus N6600GT Extreme "Top" (PCIex) Sony DRU-710A DVD Burner Fortron Source Blue Storm PS (500W) Antec Sonata
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