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  1. When running 4 sticks of ram on modern AMD CPUs (ones with the memory controler on die) you want to raise both the drive strength and data drive strength. I couldn't run any thing above DDR333 with my four sticks of BH-5 with a data strength lower then 10. Drive strength of 14 and data strength at 4 got me to DDR 500 with all four sticks. Skew set to decrease with a value of 8 seems to be a hot spot with four sticks as well. (angry's "THE DEFINITIVEDFI A64 OVERCLOCKING GUIDE") DRAM Data Drive StrengthFrom Adrian Wong’s site: http://www.rojakpot.com/ "The MD Driving Strength determines the signal strength of the memory data line. The higher the value, the stronger the signal. It is mainly used to boost the DRAM driving capability with heavier DRAM loads (multiple and/or double-sided DIMMs). So, if you are using a heavy DRAM load, you should set this function to Hi or High. Due to the nature of this BIOS option, it's possible to use it as an aid in overclocking the memory bus. Your SDRAM DIMM may not overclock as well as you wanted it to. But by raising the signal strength of the memory data line, it is possible to improve its stability at overclocked speeds. But this is not a surefire way of overclocking the memory bus. In addition, increasing the memory bus signal strength will not improve the performance of the SDRAM DIMMs. So, it's advisable to leave the MD Driving Strength at Lo/Low unless you have a high DRAM load or if you are trying to stabilize an overclocked DIMM." DRAM Drive Strength Paraphrased From Adrian Wong’s site:http://www.rojakpot.com/ “Sometimes called driving strength. This feature allows you to control the memory data bus' signal strength. Increasing the drive strength of the memory bus can increase stability during overclocking. DRAM drive strength refers to the signal strength of the memory data line. A higher number means a stronger signal and is generally recommended for an overclocked module to improve stability. Supposedly TCCD works better with weak drive strength while just about everything else prefers a stronger signal.” If your running any thing above DDR333 with four sticks you are "officially" overclocking. Straight from the manual: Try running this: DQS Skew Control.....................Decrease DQS Skew Value.......................~8 DRAM Drive Strength..................14 DRAM Data Drive Strength............. Level 4
  2. My BH-5 wont post with a CAS of 3 so I cant say realy. I have noticed that timings make little or no difference so i would assume 500 @ 3 3 3 6 whould be faster. I think i speak for most overclockers when i say that i dont care what a mobo was designed to do, I care about what it can do.
  3. Now running DDR466 @ 2 2 2 0 100% stable. Im done tweaking for a while. I will be back with updates. Oh and here are my exact timings (drive strength @ 12 BTW).... http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/6318/466stablejz8.jpg
  4. The kingston sticks do DDR500 @ 2 2 2 X at 3.3V The BH-5 sticks do ~DDR550 @ 2 2 2 X @ 2.5. All four sticks will do DDR500 @ 2 2 2 X @ 3.3v. I am running DDR500 @ 2 2 2 9 with 3.5v @ 3Ghz 1.5v core. Upping the core v to 1.5 got me stable in memtest, but i still get random reboots in windows. Now to find out whats making the system randomly reboot. @wil Im not going to push my opteron any more, im going to keep it at 3GHz for now (Im using the boxed OEM cooler)..
  5. Thanks, Im running DDR400 @ 2 2 2 5 with a drive stength of 12 now. I cant seem to get any higher then DDR400 stable. Any advice on the data drive strength setting ?
  6. I have 4 512MB sticks of BH-5/CH-5 (two sticks are BH-5 two other sticks are "Kingston D3208DW3T-5U") THe Bh-5 sticks will run DDR566 @ 3.3v rock stable, the Kingston ram will run DDR 550 @ 3.3v rock stable, but when i put all four sticks in the max i can hit is DDR333 stable :sad: . CPC is off and i have played with moving the ram around into different slots to no avail. I have tried uping the ram V as high as 3.5 with no effect. I have uped to chipset v to as high as 1.65 also to no effect. I have loosed the timings to as loose at 2.5 3 3 9 to no effect (system wont boot with a CAS of 3). Having 2GB of BHs and being forced to run DDR333 is aggravating to put it mildly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I have a 512MB stick of DDR400 ( 2.5 3 3 x ) to trade if your interested...
  8. What whould you whant in trade for "Audigy 2-original install disks included-40.00" ??
  9. No offence but did you just read the last post or something ?? Iv tryed CPC on countless times throughout this thread. I believe its the mobo that cant take CPC on at these speeds.
  10. Update: Core wont go a bit over 2.25... Oh well thats the best is can do with any bios.. Well im running 2 2 2 11, Alphas: all 2, CPC off DDR500. Its rock stable ( 72 hour prime blend ) so im ganna stick here for a while, till i get the urge for more speed again ....
  11. Update / Bump..... It might just be me but the S1-11 might be a bit less stable, CPU overclock wise.. I just got done lapping my heatsink. Got me 20F cooler . Ganna try for a bit more core speed tommarow. My X850 realy whants more CPU power :cool: ...
  12. ok sorry if im not so clear about it..... With the hellfire turbo:cas 2, precharge 0 , RCDwrite 2, RCDread 0, Tras 11 (7 is stable but 11 benches better ) RC11, RFC 13, Alphas: 0022202, DDR500, CPC off (2), strengths:6, Slews:1... Sandra: ~3800, Everest: latancy 64.x ns With your S1-11: cas 2, precharge 2, RCDwrite and read 2, Tras 11 ( again i can run 7 stable but 11 benches faster) RC 11, RFC 13, Alphas:0033223 DDR500 CPC off (2) Sandra: ~3600 Everest: latancy 73.x ns ok here is the kicker: with the hellfire @ the above speeds i always got errors in memtest (test5) at 99% all were above the 950MB mark...with CPC on i started to get errors other then in the 99% 950MB+ range... Now with your bios i get no errors in memtest with the above timings. But i get lower benches (~3800 compared to ~3600 now) but it is stable. I can run your bios with CPC on but then i get errors in the 99% 950+ range again The errors @ 99% 950MB+ are a mobo/bios problem i have tryed it with different ram and i get the same thing at the same speeds.... the only thing that seems to cure the 99% errors is a cas of 2.5. Iv tryed different alphas and 233x same exact errors.......
  13. I did some tweaking and it seams my weak spot problem has moved. Its gone with CPC off but i get the exact "weakspot" with CPC on now..... very interesting its like CPC was enabled when i was testing with the hellfire turbo. I know it wasent. I got ~3800 in sandra with it off and damn near 4000 with it on.... very very interesting.. ya have any clue what i can call my ram ??? I have a feeling its UTT BH-5......
  14. Im ganna stick with my ram...... Im trying Neos S1-11... im running 2 2 2 11 CPC off DDR 500 The errors in memtest and S&M at the "weak spot" have gone away with this bios and it seems perfectly stable.... but im getting ~ 200Mbs slower in memory bandwidth scores :confused: ..... will update....
  15. Well i havent traded yet... he let my try them out first ( he works on a barge so hes gone one month and back another ) well it does 2 2 2 11 @ 3.3V 500DDR but i get the same errors @ 99% in memtest #5 :confused: ... so maybe its not the memory, thow its odd that the mobo whould throw errors only @ 99% in test #5 of memtest :confused: well all in all what i have found stable : the OCZ @ 2.5 3 3 11 with CPC on or my ram @ 2 2 2 11 CPC off ... with both settups i get ~ 3800 in sandra so i donno what is the best ram to go with i like the tight timings of my ram thow... I found a Vdimm mod might try it latter on....... I think eather ram will do fine @ 3.3V i think its my mobo getting weak on me
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