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  1. But running @ DDR333, instead of DDR400? ah, but you have a Venice core...
  2. I thought I had read somewhere that the Corsair is not "listed" for the Ultra-D...is this true?
  3. Thanks for the replies...OK...decided to go with 2x1GB and sell the old Corsair VS 2x512. Are the 1GB sticks of Corsair VS decent enough? If I overclock in the future, it'll likely be a pretty lite one...anything wrong with using this memory?
  4. I have read in the past others having problems with 4x512 on the Ultra D. Is this still the case? Is it restricted to Corsair Value RAM only? I currently have 2x512 and want to go up to 2 gb while memory price is low. Any advice is appreciated
  5. Well, how many Amps are on the 12V line of that PSU. It's not the wattage, as I am using a 400W Seasonic with my A64 setup.
  6. Game plays perfectly...on exit, it blue screens quick like, then reboots. Every time I play. Any ideas.
  7. Glad to hear it finally worked out for you...I wonder if other people got taken care of OK. I'm surprised and disappointed this is no longer a sticky. I know for a fact there are still people getting damaged boards. Seen them posting on other forums. At least these posts will bring it back up for a bit.
  8. yes, indeed. Sitting right on top of the board, on top of the switches. crunched them up good. Since it had taken DFI so long to respond to this, Monarch made it right for me, they sent me another board and paid for my shipping back to them. The board arrived undamaged, but the static bag WAS torn open, over the ez switches. Good customer service, that...taking responsibility for someone else's mistake.
  9. What do you bet they redesign the package, then charge more cuz it costs more to pack??? :nod:
  10. Wow, you got 2 bad ones...sorry to hear that. I had heard from another person who got their broken board from ZZF that he was having problems getting an RMA from them. Their policy states that under no circumstance do they accept RMA of physically damaged goods. They have to make an exception for this, I imagine they have been getting a lot of these boards returned due to damage. Did they make you pay shipping and restocking fee?? Fight them all the way on this...they can't keep ripping customers off over this. I hope DFI has communicated this to them at least, even if they won't own up to it to users.
  11. Mine came in big boxes...no extra pressure on the retail box, no bulging of the box. Most of the problems likely happen if several Ultra-D boxes are stacked on top of each other at the warehouse.
  12. This problem has nothing to do with FedEx or any etailer (though if Newegg or any of them knows about it, they should check the board before it goes out. It's called CUSTOMER SERVICE--- remember that theory?) A larger box WOULD NOT HAVE HELPED, as the board was likely damaged before it left Newegg. The problem lies with DFI's packaging of the product. It's not rocket science to figure out that packaging an audio module (the rock) so that it mashes up against a motherboard (the hardplace) is going to cause damage, and has...frequently. With the new posts on this thread and other threads, I would guesstimate about 20 people have had this damage. It's not their fault, and they are paying MORE money to RMA a faulty board. Most people that have damaged mobos have not seen ANY damage to the retail box OR the shipping box. My problem was taken care of by Monarch Computers, at their expense. They bent over backwards to make sure I got a good board and was happy (they know CUSTOMER SERVICE - remember that theory??). They FedEx'd a new motherboard to me. It (though still incorrectly packaged by DFI) arrived undamaged. This is TOTALLY DFI's problem and I am REALLY disappointed they have not been more forthcoming. They should offer RMA for all boards damaged in this fashion and pay for the customer to ship it back to them. In my opinion, they should cross ship a new board (with the Karajan packed seperately). It's called CUSTOMER SERVICE. A company will never be great with out it. I'd like to see A_G or RGone come out and say "DFI screwed up..here's how they will fix it for you..." on this website. Unfortunately, lawyers are probably involved and they are doing their best to cover their tails. They SHOULD be cautious, yes, but if you look back at the date I started this thread, they have had plenty of time to be cautious and still satisfy customer concerns openly. Have they changed the way the board is packaged??? Who knows? I'd like to know. EDIT: I'd like to make it clear that I don't blame Angry_games for any of this at all...he has been helpful in this forum to many ppls and helpful in this thread as well. I'm sure it frustrates him too. Thanks, A_G!
  13. My system: NF4 Ultra-D A64, 3200+, retail HSF Seasonic 400W SuperTornado PSU 1GB PC3200 Corsair Value RAM (2x512) Leadtek PX6600 GT TDH video card 1 Seagate 80GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache 1 WD 80GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache 1 NEC 3520A DVD -R Drive Floppy (why do I even have this???) ASUS TV Tuner Card (PCI) Parallel port (PCI) - until I get a new printer My question is, Do I need to plug in my PSU into all the available power input ports on the mobo. There is the 24 pin plug, the 4 pin plug, a standard molex plug and a floppy power plug on the mobo. Are they all necessary for best stability? Reason I ask is it would probably make it really ugly in there and I'm afraid airflow is affected. Thanks
  14. 2 more today with damage. Both at Anandtech.com. "furiously" and "nahor" both had damaged switches. Others have pointed out damage to static bag by audio module. Total of 12 people with damage in one week period.
  15. OK, this is funny. I got my replacement board from Monarch today. The board appears to be in excellent shape (raucous applause)! No tweaking is evident on any pin or switch, the audio module was mushed against the edge of the mobo, but not on it this time. HOWEVER: nothing else was in the box. There were no rounded cables, no driver disk, no instruction manual. But for the board and audio module, it was empty!! It appears there are some serious problems at the packing facility for these things!! Luckily, I still had my other board, so I lifted out all the other stuff. Makes me worried that this is a refurb board. Is there a way to tell when the board was produced?? As long as it works perfectly, I am happy. Now I just need to get the broken board shipped back for no cost out of MY pocket! EDIT: I don't know what the hell is going on...I'm pretty sure the board I got today was a refurb, probably packed by Monarch (read above). It was VERY clear that the Karajan audio module had been handled before, it was covered with fingerprints and some other kind of gunk near the audio ports (yuck!). I'm pretty pissed off right now. I have to call Monarch AGAIN to have them send me a NEW (read: UNUSED), undamaged motherboard. DFI....HELP!!! I just want one of your boards!!!
  16. Angry_Games, possible to sticky this thread for a couple weeks to see if more of these come in? I hate to keep bumping it, but I think it's important to see how widespread this is.
  17. Could be. The damage might also happen as soon as they seal the box. I also wonder if the weight of the round cables might play a part. They are packed in the same area as the Karajan module. Hope your board is good.
  18. Ah man, sorry to hear that. I am getting a new one from Monarch. If it's damaged, I will be buying the MSI board. Jo Bob, can you take digital photos of your board and post them or send them to Angry_Games on this forum? Tyson posted a couple of photos of his damage too, which is very similar to mine and yours. Where did you buy yours from? Newegg? ZZF? Monarch? DFI is trying to gather names & damage samples, though from what I can see, it's a foregone conclusion...
  19. Monarch Computer. They insist I pay shipping charges to send bad board back to them. I finally had to have them cross ship a new board to me, as I am without PC. Having to use roommates. They may relent and pay shipping back if DFI owns up to this problem.
  20. Still have heard nothing from DFI...c'mon, this is so obviously a packaging problem!
  21. Travis, I linked all the web discussion sites in my last email to you (the long one you forwarded). They are at Anandtech, Toms hardware, AMDMB, HardOCP and here. The discussion at Anandtech, HardOCP and here yeilded people with the similar damage.
  22. Look at where the audio module is packed, right over the board. If it's damaged, that's where it is likely to be.
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