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  1. after reading all about the hardware firewalls i thought i would try it out and did a shields up test and passed "Your system has achieved a perfect "TruStealth" rating.your system wisely remained silent in every way. Very nice."All attempts to get any information from your computer have FAILED. (This is very uncommon for a Windows networking-based PC.) i also ran a few other test and passed them all. So i uninstalled Kerio firewall and stayed with the hardware based one:nod: P.s i did'nt forget to disable kerio b4 testing
  2. thats a big overclock thanks for posting pics they will come in helpfull and good luck oc'ing
  3. What is it with speed The non-drug abuse addiction B.T upgraded my connection for free yesterday even though they told me *june* when i noticed the change i was doing backflips and i still cant stop smilling. It went from 512k/b to im not sure really since when i download through firefox im hitting 110-115k/b on average witch i think is around 1.5mb but when i use getright im hitting 235k/b i think thats around 2mb or a really fast 2mb. who cares happy anyways
  4. Read the rules you *must* create a sig. click the link it tells you how and what info to put in it http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...701&postcount=2
  5. although i dont own them *yet* i've read in more than one place that mushkin redline xp4000 are some of the most "overclockable" and you can get them in packs of 2x512mb aswell "...but ACTIVE COOLING is required." "The DFI Lanpary NF4 Series boards are the only validated boards for using this RAM at full speed" "The XP4000 is also covered by Mushkin's Lifetime Warranty. If you haven't bought the RAM through mushkin.com you will have to register the memory's serial number, which is printed on the modules, for warranty." http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Mushkin/XP4000 Learn more about ram how to tell if its top quality *click link * http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=95128
  6. nice post cant wait to see how it all ends up, since im getting that case for the rig im gonna be building in a few months *see sig* just wondered how many fans you get with it? also i read somewhere the gfx card overlaps the chipset fan have you encounted this if so how big of a problem ? one more question people have been moaning about the way you open the panel is it realy that tricky to open?
  7. what about the asetek vapochill micro xtreme i could'nt see how those brackets where fastend, Are they scews or a spring mech nah it's definitely screws and it sit's directly on the cpu that's what where going for right (or wrong?) what do you think. im starting to think that bracket looks a little risky but there is a circle cut out for the actual h/s the pic's from madshrimp by the way.
  8. i voted yes but it all depends on how the final version looks and performs i always read a few reviews from diff website on every product i buy so at the mo it's sounding good but depending on end product only time will tell.
  9. LoL thats why no one else mentioned them guess i should reconsider
  10. i had the same problem when i first got that board but my router has usb and lan outputs so i just used the usb to donwload the updated nforce drivers from guru3d i had the same problem with 32bit and 64bit windows only i never had 64bit drivers for the usb so i had to use a second pc to download the drivers and burn them to cd/r
  11. Quoted from xfx web site "GeForce™ 6800 Ultra with PCI Express Our fastest card now just got fast. It's like gaming on crack. " thats the card im getting but they got the GT series too you might wanna look at but i think it's a bit more than the price's you quoted
  12. more drama when i felt the gfxcard there was no warmth what so ever so i felt the cpu heatsink cold felt the north bridge heatsink and burnt my finger and the fact is i hardly touched it i reckon if i held my finger on there for a second i would get a blister it's that hot kris do you have this problem or cant you get it to stay on yet For me any way im guessing it's time to fork out the cash new motherboard, psu, gfxcard and at least a gig of ocz plat. dont think i can afford the jump to sli just yet. But will have to double check i dont mind waiting a few more weeks if i end up with x2 +4400
  13. Kerio Personal Firewall Why? who knows well i aint had no probs yet i've tried most of the big names i just settled for this one. Oh i forgot it MURDERS the ads "ad blocked by Kf" but if i was'nt using this i'd go back to Za security suit we had fun to (how can you have fun with a firewall?)
  14. Hay the exact same thing happend to me a couple weeks ago i turned off my pc when i tried to turn it back on the fans span for a split second then the pc just flicked off, i put it down to psu 1st reason cos it's the cheapest thing to replace 2nd it came with the case and i've never trusted it although i have'nt tested it. Next week i'll buy a multimeter i just wanted to make sure i had enough for a xfx geforce 6800 gt 256mb aswell as the new psu (hiper hpu modular 580w) that way i save on shipping charges I tried unplugging EVERYTHING except the cpu fan and it worked but there was no video card when i pluged that back in it just flicked of again i tried the gfxcard in my back up rig and it works fine i just dont wont risk putting psu the in this one Okay i now think it could also be the motherboard cos when i try to boot all lights come on power and ram but after it instantly shuts itself down only the power led is on and not the ram so maybe it's not the psu plus i jump started it and it work with no probs but thats with nothing drawing power from it so still need a multimeter and if it is the motherboard i will have to think whether to buy the same one or buy a SLI an save £600 for a fx 939pin and £200-£300 4 a new gfxcard Reinstalled gfxcard boot it up it stay's on now (good) but thats it nothing is being sent to the monitor so it just stays in standby(not so good) I've tested every piece of hardware i can and everything works the only things i cant test is the cpu, motherboard and psu(how ironic)
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