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  1. I also stuck with an OS-less system. I flashed my BIOS to the lastest official 406 before I received my Opteron 144. Then my WinXP just BSOD during startup after the new BIOS. Thereafter, I can't reinstall fresh WinXP again on Raid-0 setup so I just tried install it in single disk and it work on single disk. Fine, I said, so I put in the Opteron 144 and upgrade my ram to GSkill DDR500 HZ 2GB kit. The system boot fine and everything seems pretty good (still in single disk). So I decided to go ahead to change the chipset HSF to Evercool. I stripe off the whole system and replace the chipset HSF, clear the CMOS again during the process. After that I powered up the PC and voila... it boot up fine and so I get into BIOS and put in the previous stable setting (tested with BIOS 406, not old BIOS). Initial I try with Raid-0 again and it will just hang like before. So I change to single HDD and this time big trouble, it won't install even on single HDD. After I hit any key to begin the Boot from CD, the system will display a line saying "Setup is......" (sorry, can't remember the exact word, it is the very first line display after hitting any key to begin the installation process) then it will just hang there, nothing happen. Please shed some light on this. I did try clear the CMOS a few time and it still the same. Should I flash the BIOS back to 623? Can BIOS 623 support Opteron 144? Many thanks for reading.
  2. So during the nLite process, just point it to the Legacy folder and nLite will pick up all the drivers in there? I did just that and it din work out. :confused: Maybe i just need to do it one more time.
  3. In case you miss out, the most complete guide is here. But I think the thread starter may have forget to add the sata_ide too which I encountered before here. 2 days ago I tried his way and fail. I have slipstream another copy with the sata_IDE also integrated but not yet try it out yet.
  4. Have you tried delete the unknown devices and restart windows? Windows will prompt you to install the driver when restarting, then you will know what is the unknown devices.
  5. I just bought the XtremeMusic recently and install it without any problem. My Ultra-D is the very first batch.
  6. This happen sometime, but not really related to NF4. I removed a CD-RW drive from a P4 machine to use temporary in another PC but the P4 system won't boot up saying the same thing - "NTLDR" missing. After I hook the drive back..viola..everything back to normal. I think this is WinXP issue, not really pertaining to NF4. Edit: The P4 is utilising a simple 1 SATA drive only (with multiple partitions though), no Raid or anything complicated.
  7. I am also having the identical setup and with a Powerstream 520W. So far so good but still need to tune the BIOS for my UTT ram. Kinda troublesome each time flash new BIOS need to setup everything from scratch.
  8. Have you use the Control Panel>Admin Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management to check whether the drive is detected but not "activated"? There was once I reinstall Windows and "lost" a HDD in Windows. Later found out the drive using the above way and make it active back. Luckily all data is in tact.
  9. I have this exact problem and got it resolved here. You missed out a file to be copied to the diskette for F6 installation. I know how frustrate it is as you can't even see the BSOD because it just flash for a second.
  10. It might be your VGA card, I am not very sure though. I have a Quadro card also give me that delay cold boot on a Sis chipset P4 system. After I use a Nvidia MX440 to test, it boot instantly. Or maybe you can try the other PCI-E slot.
  11. I got this type of error too previously and found out it is the Arctic Cooling fan not spinning. :eek2: After modding a 80mm fan to it, now everythings OK.
  12. Thanks all for the replies. I will ditch the Nvidia firewall from now on.
  13. I just noticed that ping to my router (Linksys WRT54GS) with the Nvidia LAN port is min 1ms, max 20ms and average 16ms which is quite abnormal I suppose. If I use the Marvell LAN port to ping all <1ms and average 0ms. Is it because I use the Nvidia Firewall? I use the "Anti-hacking only" profile for the ping test in both case.
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